The best apps to increase volume on Android over the limit

Best apps for increase volume on android over the limit. Listening to music on Android devices is one of the most convenient things to do. There are several music apps for Android. However, the music listening experience is incomplete if you don't have the right volume and player.

Here are the best Volume Booster apps for Android. These apps will help you get a better experience next time you want to enjoy your favorite music. These Volume Booster apps are introduced for Android devices because even though the latter have good sound quality, they are prone to degrade in older devices. In cases like this, buying a new phone is not a viable solution, rather it is better to get the best Volume Booster apps.

The best apps to increase volume on Android over the limit

We have created a list of the best Volume Booster apps for Android that you should definitely try. If you feel that you need to increase the volume of your phone further, these apps are great. Before moving on to the list, it's important to note that these apps will only work partially based on the size and quality of the speaker on your Android device.
Also, turning the volume up too much can cause damage to your speakers, so you need to limit use if you don't really need to. Here is the list we have compiled, read on to find out more.

1. Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – Di MixIT Studio

If you're looking for a rather minimalist volume booster that does its job well but doesn't consume too much space in your phone's memory, this is a great option. You can use it to adjust and increase the volume. There is a feature added to the app called "uneven boost" which is designed to protect the speakers from damage and to adjust the clarity by controlling the high and low frequencies.

2. Ultimate Volume Booster by porrassoft

This is a compact and minimalist app that works with just one tap. The results of the app looked very good with a noticeable increase in volume. The app is extremely easy to use, with no complicated settings, and is your best bet for headphones and speakers.

3. Volume Booster GOODEV

This is one of the best Volume Boosters for Android. If you like to make adjustments on your own and also like to play with the equalizer then this app is for you.
The app is great and effective and allows you to have full control over the volume of your device, where you can individually adjust the speakers, notifications, alarm, ringer and other volumes of the phone.

4. Increase volume on Android over the limit with Sound Booster

If you are a person who not only wants an effective volume booster app but also wants it to look good, this app has the most colorful and creative interface there is. The app itself is very useful and can increase the volume by up to 50%.

5. Volume Booster Pro

A simple and easy to use app, created for those who like to increase the volume on their Android devices. Volume Booster Pro is totally free and the interface is practical and friendly. Also, the size of Volume Booster Pro is 5MB, so it won't take up space on your device.

6. Ultimate Volume Booster

It is said that the Ultimate Volume Booster app can increase the volume of your device by 30-40%. To be honest the expectation is a little too high, but on the other hand, it is useful for those who like to listen to their favorite song at a very loud volume. This app will also increase the volume of notifications, alarms, messages, ringtones and other media.
In addition, you will have the control panel, which means that you can easily control the quality of the audio. Volume controls work for both device speakers and headphones.

7. Boost volume on Android beyond the limit with Divi Volume Booster

We decided to add this app to the list of the best Volume Booster apps not by chance. Divi Volume Booster offers you a truly professional quality. Plus, it works with both speakers and headphones. Turn up the volume of everything, then: notifications, calls, alarms and more.

We hope we have helped you increase the volume performance of your smartphone. Leave a comment below if you like!

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