The best dice games for Android

Who doesn't want to get a little distracted with their mobile phone? We all have boring moments, or when we are waiting for someone e what better way to kill time than to play with our smartphone. Thanks to the Play Store we can find games of various genres, today we will talk about dice games.

There is an infinity of variety in this type of free craps game, from board games in which we move based on the rolls of the dice, be it a Parcheesi, the goose, a Trivial, or games like Boards Kings, which we will talk about later, intended for children and not so for children. And of course, the more adult-oriented dice games, such as dice poker games and the like.

In short, are dice games that can be addictive to get greater rewards and achieve our goal. We can play dice games like a pro and get amazing hands, or get new tables, chips to play and even different items to move around the board.

List of dice games

1. Board Kings ™ ️ - Board Games

  • Download the game from here

As I said before, this is a very entertaining dice game in which dice are the main protagonists, but they are not the only ones. It's fun, and from the hand of Jelly Button, creator of the famous Pirate Kings, we have a fun combination of a board game with other minigames and alternate missions. 

You have to build your empire from an empty board where rolling the dice will make your token move through different squares, thus obtaining coins to level up the different buildings. There are some bunnies who will be very happy as you improve your city.

The best is that you can visit other cities, other players and get lots of coins while destroying their buildings, you just have to be careful not to fall into the police cell because they will take you to jail and you will be taken back to your city.

As you progress through the board, happiness increases and you can collect fragments of the golden path to access bigger and better boards. The further you progress, the better you can equip your game table. The world of Board Kings has eighteen boards that increase with the game's updates.

2. RENTO - Online board game

  • Download the game from here

If you like Monopoly, this dice game is very similar, but with different rules. It's not about being the richest and controlling the whole city, also you have to ruin your opponents, mercilessly. You can play online or even without an internet connection.

If you do it with friends you can play with up to six different players, and if you don't have a connection you can always play against the machine at any time. You will be able to trade different lands, build houses and win auctions, the fun is guaranteed.

In this dice game there are different boards, and you can get custom dice to your liking and also the tiles of each player you can configure as you like. 

If you complete different challenges you can get experience points with which to get different rewards that you can also buy for money if you don't have enough. Therefore this game contains real money purchases if you wish.

3 Monopoly

  • Download the game from here

We could not put aside the eternal Monopoly, We all know that and we know it will always be one of the best board and dice roll games. Yes indeed, it is a paid dice game in the Play Store, but you can take advantage of the fact that it is currently on sale and its price is not very high. For just over two euros you can have it.

Become the owner of all the streets and build a house, hotels ... and anyone who returns to your property must pay the corresponding fee. Choose your tile and get ready to enjoy clean graphics and this classic board game.

Enjoy online games with friends and family or even with a single phone and multiple players together, the best thing is that you will get the game without any kind of advertising. And if you think the games can be very long, try its fast mode and you end up being the winner.

And among its many options you can create your own rules in each game, decide if you can collect the rent while in jail or the money you receive every time you go through the exit box, you can even determine if the properties are obtained through direct purchase or auction.

4. Generala - The game of dice

  • Download the game from here

If you are new to this classic online craps game, feel free to download it, it will keep you entertained for a long time and you will always want to win. G.enerala is a totally free dice game where you have to get the best possible spin. You have the option of being able to play with friends in multiplayer mode.

The theme is simple, yes play with five dice and there can be two to four players in the same game. The goal is to get the highest score based on tables in which the payout values ​​are established for each possible spin.

Based on the plays of the classic French card game, poker. Get a straight, full house, four of a kind or earn points with Generala the repoker of a lifetime. 

The score varies according to the shot, there are different moves such as the Ladder, with which you will get 25 points if it was obtained in a single shot, or twenty points if you get it in two or three different shots. With Full House you will get 35 points or 30 points depending on how you get it.

With a four of a kind you will earn 45 points or 40. The general gives you 50 points if you manage to hit five equal numbers in two or three rounds. It is still the game of poker, but with minor variations.

5. Dice game - 1 or 2 players

  • Download the game from here

If the previous game doesn't convince you, here's one for you to play poker the usual way with craps. You can play with friends or family without having to have a cup or dice handy. In this application you have everything you need to have fun.

As if it were the card game, in this case you will use five poker dice, which you will have to roll on different moves. Your goal is to get the highest score possible , you have to roll the dice up to three times, not being able to leave any unmade rolls.

After the first and second roll, you can choose whether to keep any of the dice by simply clicking on them , and will not be used in subsequent launches. The ones you reserve will not be rolled on the next roll unless you try to double down, in which case all the dice will be rolled.

Your score will appear at the bottom of the screen and, as always, the one with the highest score at the end of the game will win. Simple, but a lot of fun and will delight anyone who plays this 3D Dice.

6. Yatzy board games, offline dice game

  • Download the game from here

Say whatever you want, but you will love this free dice game. You can choose different game modes in the same game, you need to get the required score, and for this you have several rolls, choose well the dice you keep and the score you are looking for.

You have to get as many points as possible, for this you have to try to get a series of dice combinations. Your goal is to get the different scores required in the game, up to thirteen different to get the full one.

If you manage to get all five dice with the same score, you will have the best combination, which is a Yazty. There are a number of different combinations like the so called Full house, Three of a kind, Four of a kind, Minor Flush, Major Flush… In English it sounds better, really.

6. Golden Roll: The Yatzy Dice Game

  • Download the game from here

In this case it is a game similar to the previous one, but with a more fun and colorful look, with a cartoon interface that makes it fun and interesting. 

You can play live duels against other players from all over the world, or challenge a friend to a quick duel in this fun dice game , or if you think luck is on your side challenge someone to a duel and become the unbeatable dice shooter across the room.

If you want to play alone you can do it too, you can play daily and weekly challenges to test your skill and luck. Climb the player rankings and seek victory against everyone.

Choose your profile with your character, and the dice you like best, with the color you prefer and the points will be yours in the hand you play, spend hours rolling the dice and beating everyone who challenges you.

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