The best escape room games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

There is nothing I love more than a good mystery, so I really enjoy playing escape room games on my iPhone. These puzzles grab your attention and force you to think outside the box literally.

If you're stuck indoors and want an adventurous escape, this is the list of the best escape room games for iPhone and iPad. You can immerse yourself in mysterious worlds, investigate strange objects and scenes and test your detective skills. Additionally, there are different types of adventures, from fun and easy to complex and challenging.

1. NOX – Escape Game‪s

Enter an old and mysterious mansion full of secrets you need to uncover. There is a compelling storyline that draws you into the game and keeps pushing you to explore your surroundings. From the start, I loved the moody 3D graphics that add a touch of suspense.

To escape, you will need to use your logic skills and be patient. Each room is filled with a lot more to explore than it seems. You will enjoy the combination of hidden objects and modern room escape game mechanics that offer a memorable and fun gameplay experience.

2. Adventure Escape Mysteries

It's time to use your observation skills and deductive reasoning to solve puzzles, collect treasures and tools, uncover clues, and escape the room - all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible and you can play the entire game for free.

Plus, you can play as various characters and explore over 100 beautifully illustrated scenes. Put on your detective cap and explore your surroundings to find a way out and progress through the game. You can even save your progress to play seamlessly on multiple devices.

3. Cabin Escape: Alice’s Stor‪y

Even several years after its release, the escape room game series continues to be one of the best adventure games on the iPhone. It has intuitive controls and engaging puzzles that will keep you hooked. The goal is to tinker with a series of nested boxes and unlock the secrets within them.

The suspense builds up with eerie sounds and intriguing views as you are continually tied from one clue to the next. I was immediately immersed in touch-based interaction with this fascinating 3D world. I especially liked how you can take your time and progress at your own pace without the time pressure.

4. Monument Valley

This is one of the best escape room games for iOS, beautifully designed is all about manipulating mystical architecture to make your way through a colorful fantasy world. It is a meditative process of traversing mysterious monuments, finding hidden paths, uncovering optical illusions, and more.

The architecture is inspired by the real-life temples and monuments of the world. I liked how the audio reacts to your manipulation of the world. It offers a surreal experience that is best enjoyed with headphones. The game syncs across all devices for convenience.

 5. Escape Room: Mystery Word

Escape rooms meet puns in this unique hybrid experience. At each level, you are trapped in a room with various objects. Your task is to look at the objects to figure out the password that will unlock the door.

It sounds easy at first, but it's quite challenging, even for experienced lyricists. I find the concept unique and worth a try for puzzle lovers. Plus, it's free and offers over 300 levels to take on your brain. You can also play offline anytime, anywhere.

6. Spotlight: Room Escap‪e

If you love cracking whodunits, you will love this exciting escape room game for iPhone. It is based on a theatrical dramatic scene where you find yourself locked in a strange room with no recollection of how you got there. Your goal is to escape before time runs out.

Explore your surroundings to find answers to critical questions like who kidnapped you and why. It has stunning 3D graphics and is full of intriguing riddles and puzzles. Each object in the room has a deeper meaning behind it and you will need to work on those analytical skills to break the mystery.

7. Cabin Escape: Alice’s Stor‪y

Do you have the skills to help Alice escape from the isolated log cabin? It is up to you to find the clues and solve the puzzles that will lead her out. The beautiful wallpapers will draw you in from the start and encourage you to keep going.

What I found the most interesting aspect of this adventure is the game's camera which allows you to take pictures of all the clues and rooms you explore. The eerie soundtrack adds to the mysterious atmosphere. The game also saves itself automatically so you never lose your progress.

8. The House of da Vinc‪i‬

Check out this 3D escape room game with mechanical puzzles and hidden objects that you have to manipulate to solve the mystery. You are Leonardo Da Vinci's most promising apprentice and the challenge is to figure out where he disappeared.

You will have to work all your brain cells to explore puzzles, strange inventions, escape mechanisms and hidden objects in all corners of the beautifully decorated rooms. The game is fun and incredibly intuitive. It is also available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and more.

9. Room Escape: 50 rooms

This is an addicting escape room game that is super fun and has challenging yet doable puzzles. As the name suggests, there are 50 rooms, each filled with unique mysteries and fantastic graphics. When you get stuck, you can watch a video to get a hint.

It will make you use your observations, your judgment, and your educational reasoning to find a way to escape from every room. I appreciate the way the graphics and scenes look lifelike, which helps you get involved in the world. Plus, the ads don't detract from the experience, so you can focus on the game.

10. Agent A: an enigma in disguise

If you think your detective skills are perfect, it's time to put them to the test. Take on the role of Agent A and track down a cunning and dangerous spy who is on the loose. You have to select clues, investigate objects and find creative uses for them.

I had so much fun exploring the hidden closets, secret buttons, and the plethora of unsolvable mysteries. And I'm sure any escape room lover will appreciate it too. The game also has a great retro 60s-inspired look. There are 35 unique environments to escape from and over 100 puzzles to solve!

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House Escape Games are a unique concept that encourages us to think in new ways and push the boundaries of our problem-solving skills. I think they give great brain training while being incredibly fun. How many escape room games have you tried so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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