The best police car games

If you like to get your adrenaline pumping and you also want to be the strong arm of the law, today we will see the best police car games that will thrill you with adventures and chases in car that bring to the test our reflexes and driving skills to catch criminals.

The right combination of justice, car chases and an end to crime. This is why today we will focus on the selection of free police car games, to spend free time catching criminals ravaging your city. Grab your gun, get your police car ready and let's hunt down the criminals.

The best police car games

Police games list

1. Police pursuit

  • Download the game from here

We couldn't stop playing this police game, in 3D graphics we will be able to enjoy the chases in the purest Hollywood cinematic style. The theme is simple, you have to be able to reach the criminal and not collide with the obstacles and other cars that fill the city.

It is a so called endless running game, drive, shoot and don't crash. Choose from different weapons and a variety of cars to reach your arrest rate and be one of the most successful cops in the game.

2. Highway Getaway: Free Police Games

  • Download the game from here

It's true that sometimes we want to be the ones on the run from the police, right? Good, in this game you can choose which side of the law you want to be on. You can be a good officer of the state security forces and help stop the thieves or you can choose to be a criminal who has to escape the chains of the police.

Shark more than two hundred adrenaline-filled missions where you have to fill the tank of your car and dodge the police. Get the armored truck and all its money, your criminal legend has no end.

As you progress you will unlock better vehicles, from fast sports cars to powerful trucks, choose from ten different ones you will find. Remember that the more money you get, the more improvements you can make to your vehicles.

As you can see, you can be the most wanted in the whole state or choose to be the best cop in this police game.

3. Smash Cops Heat - Police car games

  • Download the game from here

Belonging to the free police games category, with Smash Cops Heat take your patrol car and put an end to the chaos that reigns in the city. Frantic adventures await you to put an end to the crime wave that is sweeping the city, Test your driving skills in front of your patrol car and take out the criminals who want to escape from you in thrilling chases.

Take control of your car and test your five senses, since at some point you will have to escape from the criminals to catch them at another time. With good 3D graphics, you can travel to a big city with some very interesting details.

You can choose from a wide variety of cars, from classic American muscle cars to luxury sports cars that will delight any driver. Advance in the game and unlock upgrades that will make your vehicle more powerful and even change its color.

4. Police Race – Cops Chase

  • Download the game from here

One of the police games where bank robbers can't get away with it, get into your best police car and chase them. No crime will go unpunished at the hands of the steering wheel of your patrol car, through different scenarios, whether it's the desert or the city, they have to finish it.

Start the chase, upgrade your car to the maximum and don't hesitate to shoot if they try to escape. Different levels, cars and scenarios await you in this exciting police chase game. With simple controls you can drive your car and stop thieves who dare to break the law in your city.

It is a game that it will hardly take up space on your smartphone, and you can also play it on different occasions without the need for Wi-Fi or data.

5. Police Motorbike Simulator 3D

  • Download the game from here

Let's relax a little and change vehicles in this police game. Now sitting on a police motorcycle we must not stop any criminals, we can walk safely around a city on two wheels. But don't think it's that simple, as riding the bike won't be as easy as you think.

You will be a stunt driver with a police motorcycle, thanks to this game you will be able to circulate at high speed that with the help of nitro will make you reach incredible speeds, and cross the streets and you will be able to perform various incredible stunts with the help of ramps and other elements.

6. Autista Crime City Real Police

  • Download the game from here

It is the police game with the most simulations in this genre. Cycles of day and night, with the possibility of exploring an open world in a city of different reliefs. Missions are routine, just drive a car to arrest criminals and outlaws, go to a specific spot to start a new mission.

7. Police dog

  • Download the game from here

Yes, you read that right… The game title is unfortunate, or the translation was so literal that they left it like this… The thing is, if the title is grim, the game is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained. We abandon police cars or motorbikes e now we adopt a police dog that will help us stop the thieves more… faster.

This game actually called Stickman Police Dog Chase Crime City 2020, places you in the city of Las Vegas and with your police dog trained to end crime it will help you to stop thieves that roam freely, thanks to your hearing and smell of your dog you can stop it with greater diligence.

You can walk or drive, train your aim and train your dog to end the crime that plagues the city. With the help of your four-legged friend, you can do your job professionally and put an end to street crime.

8. Police horse crime city

  • Download the game from here

One of the free police games where the main interpreter is a horse, which will help us put an end to crime, in this case it is police horses. The police have a team on horseback with whom they want to end crime in the city.

If in the Wild West the sheriff used to go horseback riding, today the police also ride on horseback to catch the criminals who roam the city at ease. Delinquents flee when they see the police, but chasing them on horseback is easier than running alone.

With a good 3D graphics, changing scenarios, realistic sounds and on the back of a good horse, you can have fun chasing thieves and cleaning up the city.

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