The Dungeon Hunter Champions review

The wait has been longer than expected, but here we are finally grappling with Dungeon Hunter Champions, the interesting MOBA-style spin-off of the famous Gameloft action RPG series. Fresh from the success of the fifth episode, the French house has evidently reflected on what to offer again to its users, and in fact the game responds to these needs quite clearly. In addition to a long traditional single player campaign, in fact, there are missions with alternative gameplay, which on the one hand lead to direct clashes and on the other in real multiplayer-style battles online battle arena, within a map with different paths and with the inevitable towers to be destroyed in order to win the match. The same approach also opens up to competitive online, with interesting five-against-five battles that are fairly rapid in terms of matchmaking, but at the moment spoiled by some latency problem that we hope will be solved as soon as possible; together with the connection errors that sometimes do not allow the application to start, and which we imagine are linked to the high number of users crowding the servers.

The great adventure

Delivered to us a powerful warrior and a maximum of three support units (from a shortlist of two hundred and fifty fighters, net of all variants), which we can control at will where necessary, Dungeon Hunter Champions catapults us into a very rich campaign with some interesting variations on the theme, whether it's the aforementioned MOBA missions or boss fights against literally huge opponents. The touch control system works excellently, thanks to the automatically repositionable virtual analog stick and the clear icons on the right side of the screen, which are used to activate the main attack and three specials, each with a different cooldown period .

The Dungeon Hunter Champions review

Skimping on this type of attack is useless; on the contrary, thanks to the brevity of the sessions, it is advisable to fund your resources without ever sparing yourself, also because in a few seconds we will be back in possession of all our weapons, ready to confront the mini bosses that usually await us at the end of some routes. Unfortunately, no progress has been made on the combat system front compared to the previous Dungeon Hunter, the impacts are also in this case little valued and the result is a general feeling of inconsistency and slipperiness. However, we are talking about mechanisms and dynamics that have always worked well in the MOBA world and that will hardly disappoint those who are familiar with this trend. As you progress through the campaign and level up, you unlock the other modes, including competitive multiplayer, and there is no doubt that on the structural front the developers have done a great job, filling the game with equally valid and interesting content.

The Dungeon Hunter Champions review

A different Dungeon Hunter

Returning to the combat system of Dungeon Hunter Champions, it is clear and evident how the approach linked to the simplification of the mechanics has now taken over the franchise, unfortunately making the fights a mere matter of values ​​in the field rather than skills. Effectively we are faced with the desire to adapt MOBA gameplay to a mission-based action RPG, with all that this entails in terms of balance: the missions of the first hours are completed quickly and painlessly, without ever running into a game over, as long as you use the bonuses and objects that the system bestows in great abundance.

The Dungeon Hunter Champions review

Even the energy of action necessary to be able to go down in the dungeons is distributed with such generosity as to exceed the quantity available by default by different lengths, giving rise to some doubts about the choice to insert it. We are pretty sure that at some point in the campaign things will take a different turn and the legitimate needs to monetize will emerge, but as mentioned during the first few hours there is really no shadow of a challenge worthy of the name, which may force you to retreat or switch from one character to another to catch your breath and use some healing spell. In the same way, lacking both the parry and the dodge, as happens in the basic multiplayer online battle arena, in the presence of a substantially stronger opponent we will not have the possibility of winning, unable to avoid taking damage and at the same time inflicting it in turn. .

The Dungeon Hunter Champions review

Feast for the eyes

In short, we have a different Dungeon Hunter than usual, which draws on the MOBA genre and boasts a structure never so rich in missions, modes, characters and objects to equip and upgrade. But what does the game look like on an aesthetic level? Well, it is undoubtedly one of the most graphically beautiful titles that have ever been seen on iOS and Android. The cartoonic contaminations and the feeling of being in front of a watercolor, have taken a further step with this chapter, offering a perhaps derivative but convincing design for the characters, beautiful animations and dynamic scenarios, which are often assembled and disassembled. to open the way to the next goal. Seeing everything in motion, with those colors and effects, is truly a feast for the eyes, supported by a sound accompaniment that is up to the occasion. The only problem, not a small one, is that the game at the moment determines a fairly fast overheating of the iPhone X and a consequent consumption of the battery, aspects that force you to close the application to return the temperatures of the device to normal values.


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Dungeon Hunter Champions is a beautiful title to watch and very rich in content. The long campaign, characterized by missions of different genres, is supported by a multiplayer mode that is a real MOBA, a game in the game with a considerable depth. The concessions to that type of approach, however, have led to some balancing problems in the single player, with a pleasant but simplistic combat system, which is cornered by the lack of a real challenge during the first hours. In any case, we are talking about a production of great value, which net of some edges (even technical, see the excessive consumption of the battery) will certainly guarantee a lot of free fun.


  • Graphically splendid
  • Different modes, lots of characters and items
  • Long campaign ...
  • ... but in the early hours it is inconsistent
  • Balance of difficulty to be reviewed
  • Overheats and consumes too much the terminal
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