The Last of Us: Collectibles Guide [Recycler]

The Last of Us: Collectibles Guide [Recycler]


In The Last of Us we will have a lot of stuff to find and / or collect and if you are aiming to platinum the game get ready to collect over a hundred collectible items.

First of all let's say that the objects that matter to get the "Recycler" Trophy - Find all the collectibles, they are the Training Manuals, Dog Tags, Artifacts and Comics. We are talking about 141 collectibles in total, obviously we have a dedicated guide for each of them:

  • Platelets Guide [unlocks "In Search of the Light" trophy]
  • Training Manuals Guide [unlocks "I found this" trophy]
  • Comic Book Guide [Unlock "Hold and Survive" trophy]
  • Artifacts Guide [unlocks "It was all there, abandoned" trophy]

In addition to these, to reach platinum you will also have to work hard to find:

  • All optional conversations [unlock trophy I want to talk about it]
  • All Weapon Upgrades [unlocks Emergency Only trophy]
  • All Ellie's Jokes [unlocks trophy I have no more] 

Happy hunting and good The Last of Us to all of you, collectible fanatics.

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