The Last of Us Part 2 - Guide to find all collectible cards

Other than the most classic collectibles scattered around the game map, The Last of Us Part 2 offers players the opportunity to find details trading cards. These have no fundamental effects in the game, as they provide no use other than the pleasure of complete your collection, which contains many cards with well-differentiated texts and particularities. However, the same ones will make Ellie happy once they are found in the different places where they are located. So let's see together where it is possible to find the collectible cards in each of the chapters of The Last of Us Part 2.

Before leaving you to our guide, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2. These in several cases concern details of the game script, but also more or less advanced playful insights. With either category, you may run into enough detail to undermine your pad experience. In the event that you have not concluded the experience and do not want to incur any kind of advances, we advise you not to continue with the reading of the following text. 

There are very few flashes of happiness allowed for Ellie in the terrifying universe of The Last of Us Part 2, so here's our guide on how complete your entire collection of trading cards and make a little girl dream come true.

  • Guide to find all the coins
  • Guide to find the Carved Ring
  • Guide to finding the Relic of the Sages
  • Complete guide to crafting
  • Guide to weapons and their modifications
  • Help to find workbenches
  • Guide for all diary entries
  • Code guide for each safe
  • Guide for the Platinum Trophy
  • Guide to all the infected and how to defeat them
  • Guide to skill upgrades and manuals
  • Seattle Gate Codes Guide
  • Guide to find all artifacts



# 1 - Seiscmicalya

When Jesse is waiting for you on the corner turn left first, you will find the top card of The Last of Us Part 2 on a notice board.

# 2 The Keene Twins

It is located near the bar of the club, right next to a dart board.


# 3 - Tesseracter

When you arrive with Dina and Ellie at the first abandoned houses in the village on horseback, on the right you will see a building with a parked car covered in snow. Use the car to go upstairs, in the closet on the left you will find the figurine.

# 4 - Laurent Foucault CEO SPARK

Once you get to the library, enter the secondary room where it is necessary to break a glass, go through the first door and continue straight, the card is inside a room.

Seattle - Day 1

The gate

# 1 - Motivator

It is located at a bus stop, which you will meet during the ride with Dina.

# 2 - The Starfire Kids

Also stop when you have a building on your left, after passing many stationary cars, you will find the card in a bulletin board.

#3 - Chessmaster

Climb on the destroyed wall and let yourself fall on the scaffolding, you will find it at the end of it after climbing a ladder.

# 4 - Oozer

They are located on the roof of a structure. You can get there by climbing on the generator cable, and obviously throwing it at the right angle to be able to use it.

City Center

# 5 - Doctor Uckmann

You can locate the building from the map, it is the third horizontal and the third vertical. You will have to climb up, breaking a window and making a good leap, you will find the card at the top, under the table.

# 6 - Das Wort

Go up one building and you will find the new card in the Valiant Music Shop. It is located in a drawer in the counter in front of the entrance.

# 7 - Flo

Orient yourself with the map, and go to the fourth building vertically and the second horizontally. Go through the narrow passage of a grate and open the safe, you will find the code for all the combinations in the following guide.

# 8 - Big Blue

Orienting yourself with the map you will find the building as a third horizontal and sixth (last) vertical. Break a window and continue, you will find it on the right.

# 9 - Know it All

Going in search of the enemies, in the building where the infected enter, go up to the second floor and look in the room on the right just after the stairs, right in the nightstand next to the bed.

Eastbrook Elementary School

# 10 - Cardio

Follow the path and jump to the terrace. Enter the apartment and go to the bedroom.

Capitol Hill

# 11 - Kinnard ESQ. 

Continue with the story but instead of following Dina left, go right towards the black gate and the wrecked car under the tree. Continue along the street keeping the building on your right and at the corner of it you will find the front door. Enter the house and go to the living room, in the bedside table next to the armchair you will find the paper.


After the pool area on the left you will see a motel, go to the back of the latter always passing from the left, thanks to a broken window. Enter the room, on the ground just before the door that you can now open, there will be the figurine.

# 13 - Doctor Steam 

Go to the library in front of the gas station, the one infested with the infected, to get this item. Enter and go to the back room and open the door on the right. As you enter above the desk on the left you will find the figurine.

# 14 - Sergeant Frost

Shortly after the basketball court you will have the opportunity to enter a building through its roof, jump down without thinking twice. As soon as you enter, head through the door on the left, continue until you find the last locker on the right with the figurine inside.

# 15 - Candelabra 

The story will take you to face the traps, the first time you see them you will see them detonate a clicker from a safe distance. Enter the liquor store from which the infected came out, the figurine is located in the upper left corner,

# 16 - Bizarrebra

At some point in the story you will find the first corpses left by Tommy. Continue to the left and go straight until you find a thrift shop but watch out for traps. In a bookshelf on the left you will find the figurine.

Channel 13

# 17 - Kimimela

In one of the offices on the top floors of the TV Station.

The Tunnels

# 18 - The Imp 

After you have escaped from the clickers and soldiers and closed the door of the subway car, continue until you finish this section by crawling under the same cars. For now, ignore the door on the right and continue until you reach a wagon blocking the road. Search on the ground on its left side to find the figurine.

#19 - Dr. Daniela Star

After opening a portcullis with Dina who will have helped you to go through a cart, continue down the corridor until you find a door on the right. Enter it, go behind the last desk to find access to a small area. On the desk you will find the card, now you can also unlock the door and go back to continue.

# 20 - Bastet

Before you get on the machine and officially exit the tunnels, look at the hole on the left under the overturned wagon. Crawl under and continue until you find the figurine.


# 21 - Mortem 

As soon as you enter, go straight, pass the counters and break the windows to retrieve the figurine.

#22 - Beyond

Go upstairs and continue to the end of the corridor, near the barricaded door on the floor you will find the card.

Birthday gift

# 23 - The Nighthawk

In the section where you can put the hat on the dinosaurs head continue to find the figurine on a bench.

# 24 - Saura 

Joel will make you climb over a stained glass window to enter a room, once you get there go to the next room where there is the moose statue. On the right there are some benches, you will find them the figurine.

Seattle - Day 2


# 1 - Watch number 

As soon as you get to the street with all the shops, go back and jump on the truck in the pit. Get out all the way and break the car window ahead to get the figurine.

# 2 - Sahir The Sorcerer 

After the shopping area, go immediately left and continue among the brambles until you find yourself in a space with an overturned dumpster. Use it to get to street level and pop up in front of a shop. Break the window and enter, at the bottom of the room you will find the paper.

# 3 - Naledi The Youthful 

Continuing in the story you will have to solve an environmental puzzle in which the dumpster will tend to go down due to the slope of the road. Once you have solved the puzzle you will find yourself in a room with a workbench. But first, once inside, go immediately to the right and next to the bike you will find a figurine.

# 4 - Brainstorm

Your goal at this point will be smoke, so following the story and passing a fence you will inevitably arrive in the garden of a house. On the left there will be a children's house, go behind it to find the figurine.

# 5 - Reverb

Once you get the arch, go to the second building on the right, once inside go to the upstairs bedroom. Under the bed will be the figurine, you will have to crawl to get it.

In Search of Ropes

# 6 - The Austinger

Follow Joel until you cross a sort of wall that will allow you to get on the road. Go left and climb over another obstacle, just passed in front of you will have a broken car with a figurine inside.

Looking for Nora

# 7 - Randy Styles

Go through the turnstile and pass the obstacles until you enter the shop. In a shelf at the bottom right there will be the figurine.

# 8 - Shift

Enter the building very similar to a hotel, the one with a hyena symbol on the wall. Go upstairs via the elevator area, solve the environmental puzzle of the glass window and enter the locked door. The figurine, like other important assets, is inside it.

# 9 - Star Sign

Follow the path and go through a small enclosed area with a garbage truck, go left and climb to the roof of a wrecked truck. From there it will be possible to access the building, explore the rooms on the right to find the safe inside the walk-in closet. There will also be a nightstand next to the bed, open it to find the figurine.

# 10 - Arch-Enemy

After the cutscene where Ellie takes notes, break through the window on the right and go downstairs. You will notice a blocked room, but on the other side of the door there will be some glass panels to break. Once split, climb over and enter so as to obtain not only the figurine but also other materials.

# 11 - Doppelganger

After exiting the forest and opening the door to the next scenario, you will find yourself inside a building. Go up the stairs and, on the ground in the upstairs corridor, you will find the card.

# 12 - Bhat'm Andarr

Once on the roof, take the ladders to dive into the water, exit immediately in front of you and head towards the broken wall on the left. Follow the stairs and go up as much as you can, keeping to the left, until you reach the entrance to a shop. As soon as you enter under the counter on the left you will find the figurine.

Seattle - Day 3

Towards Aquarius

# 1 - Esquire

Before opening the red curtain of the theater, in a shelf placed among the equipment.

# 2 - Blizzard

On the way with Jesse, enter the IIIDI shop accessible through a hole below, advance to the first door forward, turn left, go under the beam inside the open door on the right, the card is on the desk to the left.

# 3 - Tanager

When Jesse makes you climb into a building, keep going straight and fall into the chasm, turn the hanging platform and crawl under it. The paper is in a shelf.

# 4 - Tatuaje

As you descend from the gray building with Jesse, continue straight through the large open corridor, always turn right and enter the last opening, falling into the chasm, you will find the card in a cabinet that you will naturally climb over, turn around to see it.

The Submerged City


When you take the boat, you will necessarily arrive at a point where you will have to get off and solve an environmental puzzle to continue. Just before the exit there is another room, if you search inside the drawer you will find the figurine.

# 6 Khazakh Bright

After breaking through the glass of the arcade with the boat, go up the stairs, move the cart and face the enemies after breaking the floor. The card is under the Prize Zone sign, raise the shutter and enter to find it on the right, in a cabinet.

Santa Barbara

In the hinterland

# 1 CBB-7

As soon as you enter the house, turn to the bathroom on the right, right again, on the cabinet

The Resort

# 2 Sparkthug

As soon as you enter the house full of enemies, in the open window where you previously hid, the card is on the right, placed on the table next to some chests.

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