The Last of Us Part 2: PS5 upgrade mentioned by Hermen Hulst

Herman Hulst, co-founder of Guerrilla Games and head of Sony Worldwide Studios, during a chat with other of his fellow developers on PlayStation Blog, mentioned, perhaps by mistake, an as yet unknown next-gen upgrade for one of the most popular games in the PlayStation stock: The Last of Us Part 2. Hulst in a specific sentence says "I am very impressed with the optimization work done by Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog to run their games well on PS5". How long Ghost of Tsushima has received a dedicated upgrade to improve performance on the new console Sony, TLOU2 has (for now) received no improvements of any kind.

There are two cases at this point: either the good Hulst made a mistake in speaking, or he mistakenly revealed something still unpublished to the gamer community. It must be said that a PS5 upgrade to The Last of Us Part 2 would almost be taken for granted given that other Sony house titles previously released on PS4 they received the same treatment. At this point we could think even bigger, for example a possible release also in physical, as happened for the next-gen version of Devil May Cry 5, perhaps with additional unpublished content. Although these are only speculations, we certainly know that Sony would not miss such an opportunity, given the more than positive media feedback that its exclusive has had.

The last of Us Part 2 is back from the victory at The Game Awards 2020 as best game of the year, as well as having received various other awards (here you can find ours article full on awards) and its popularity is at the highest level among players around the world. The title of N managed to push PS4 hardware to incredible performance, also thanks to a high level optimization. So we just have to find out if Herman Hulst has simply made a gaffe or if something important is really boiling in the pot in the studios of Sony and Naughty Dog.

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