The Marvel Strike Force review

We are just over two weeks away from the theatrical debut of Avengers: Infinity War, and Marvel characters have probably never been so popular. The operation carried out by FoxNext Games therefore appears brilliant: take advantage of the official license of the house of ideas to bring to iOS and Android devices a strategic RPG structurally identical to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but equipped with a less limiting freemium system and a very substantial content package. The narrative expedient sees in this case the arrival of Ultimus, a Kree conqueror who travels from dimension to dimension to enslave parallel planets and galaxies.

The Marvel Strike Force review

In the course of his sorties, the powerful villain has bent the will of various "alternative" heroes and criminals, with the aim of using their strength to bring his own attack on our Earth. Will the Shield, the Avengers and the other superheroes be able to foil his plan? We will find out in five different campaigns (the last of which is not yet available, in truth), each divided into a series of levels with an increasing degree of difficulty. Created a team with the characters at our disposal, we will have to defeat groups of opponents with a view to turn-based combat with a discrete strategic depth; all reminding us to empower and train team members so that they can face increasingly tough and resistant enemies, among which we will also find "evil" versions of the greatest heroes of the Marvel universe.

Hit and run

The mechanics of Marvel Strike Force are very simple and it appears quite evident from the very beginning what the connotation that the developers have given to this experience. Being a freemium production, we expected to hit a paywall after a couple of hours, and in fact in the middle of the first campaign it becomes clearly necessary to retrace paths already trodden to do some grinding and gain the power you need to defeat the toughest bosses.

The Marvel Strike Force review

An aspect that bursts a little too quickly, in short, even if it must be said that the action energy indicator, which is consumed by a few units at each mission, practically never empties and therefore avoids having to wait minutes or even hours to keep playing. The characters have a set of spectacular moves in line with their characteristics, with special abilities that recharge with the passing of turns and allow for example to attract enemy fire, heal your companions, make area attacks and so on. The Punisher, for example, fires a grenade at a target, while Luke Cage becomes a magnet for opponents' blows, or Spider-Man creates a combo between punches, kicks and cobwebs that damages multiple enemies at the same time.

The Marvel Strike Force review

Understanding what to do and against whom to do it soon becomes a key element in winning. We found the progression to be very accurate, with many new features that are unlocked as you level up (including battles in asynchronous multiplayer or the many special events with prizes) and a large set of achievements to move the situation. The system works very well and is supported by a well-made technical department, with convincing polygonal models but sometimes mediocre animations (see above all the "launches") and fairly varied but often generic scenarios. Little to say about the touch control system, which is perfect for this genre of games, while the music accompanies the action with the right amount of epicity.


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Marvel Strike Force is a well-made strategic RPG, which undoubtedly has the advantage of boasting a really wide and varied roster of characters, including heroes and villains, as well as a very rich structure, with various campaigns and extra modes that will keep you busy. long. Technically, the title of FoxNext Games defends itself well, net of some blunders, and allows you to play completely free without even having to take forced breaks, although after a couple of hours the freemium element makes itself felt and forces you to make a choice: repeat some missions to carry out some grinding or put your hand to your wallet to strengthen your team and / or enrich it with new elements.


  • Immediate but not trivial gameplay
  • Very rich structure
  • Technically he defends himself well ...
  • ... but it moves between highs and lows
  • After a while the freemium model makes itself felt
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