The Outer Worlds - Guide to the three engineering manuals

The Outer Worlds is the title developed by the original authors of the Fallout series and the New Vegas chapter, Obsidian Entertainment, which finally hit the shelves on October 25th. You will soon find our review on the work on the site, but in the meantime we want to ensure that all your doubts are all clarified, through our guides. Today we are dealing with a rather complicated mission, which although it does not require excessive skill to complete, is quite mangy. To carry out the quest it is necessary to find three different engineering manuals, which the developers have cleverly hidden within the game world. Follow us in the lines below, we will clarify all your doubts regarding the mission of The Outer Worlds in question and we will explain how to do it, proceeding step by step.

  • To start the quest of the three engineering manuals, you need to go to the botanical garden and talk to Thomas Kemp.
  • The first of these is found in the Community Center, where it will be better to play stealth to avoid too many problems. The manual is located on the first floor, in the offices, and is rather easy to locate as it is indicated by an appropriate indicator.
  • The second one engineering manual it is found at Long Water, in Saltonno factory. It can be found in a second-floor office, and this too is signaled by a rather visible indicator. The location does not require you to pull the trigger of any weapon, as it is located in a public place.
  • The last manual is certainly the most complicated to locate. It is exactly in the most dangerous Geothermal plant, accessible through a hole or a broken fence. This is teeming with bloodthirsty robots and we advise you to be well prepared to be able to survive. On the bottom floor of a multi-level generator, exactly at 004, just adjacent to the character Higgins, there is what we are looking for. There is no indicator this time to facilitate the situation, but it does not take much patience to find it given the NPC just mentioned in plain sight.

We hope this guide has been useful to you and we remind you to watch the video on the cover of the article in case you still have doubts about it. You've already read our story special about the team behind The Outer Worlds?


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