The Villains of Marvel's Spider-Man: we discover Martin Li aka Mister Negativo

The Villains of Marvel's Spider-Man: we discover Martin Li aka Mister Negativo

That Insomniac Games had courage to sell has been known for some time, yet the choice they made in the very first trailer of the new one Marvel's Spider-Man to demonstrate Mister Negative as the first villain it was a bold move. Perhaps not everyone will be a lover of the Spider-Man of comics, and perhaps its editorial story, born in Amazing Fantasy n.15 back in August 1962: only in March 1963 will Spider-Man receive his series “The Amazing Spider- Man ", and this is really too long to be known in detail, but historical enemies such as Doctor Octopus, Electro or the Vulture (thanks also to the films and TV series The Marvel movies recently released) have now become icons known to all. So the move to choose Martin Li, known for his evil counterpart as Mister Negative, immediately sparked my curiosity about this game. With this mini-column we will take a closer look all the enemies that populate the Marvel's Spider-Man universe, game to be released on September 7 on PlayStation 4, studying their history, their characteristics, and what they could bring in the title of Insomniac Games.


The origins of Mister Negativo are first shrouded in mystery: appeared in the free story given away at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, was then officially introduced in Amazing Spider-Man 546 (January 2008), briefly becoming Spider-Man's main enemy. The character maintains a classic duality: in his standard form he is the owner of the FEAST, a place that helps the homeless (and where Zia May worked for a period), but when he switches to his negative form (characterized by a - in fact - negative coloring ) becomes the leader of various criminal gangs such as the White Dragons of Chinatown or the Inner Demons.

Subsequently it will be revealed that the experiments conducted on him (and two other victims) by the criminal chemist Simon Marshall will give him powers managed by a dual personality, in fact Martin Li e Mister Negative. The other two captured, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, will later become Cloak and Dagger, characters already known in the Marvel universe, but who in this way are contextualized and connected to each other, especially thanks to the powers, all based on shadow and light.

The Villains of Marvel's Spider-Man: we discover Martin Li aka Mister Negativo

Particular signs

The stories about Mister Negative bring that sense of organized crime back into Spider-Man that had long been missing: enemies like Scorpio or Mysterio were typical superhero villains, which is a far cry from Kingpin and his subordinates. Mister Negativo therefore combines the two particularities, becoming an enemy with particular powers and, at the same time, with an overview that allows him to manage the various gangs scattered in New York, giving him political as well as physical power.

In the game we have seen how we will find ourselves fighting with some of her henchmen: among all, she will also be hired Silver sable, a lethal mercenary that will bring added value to the threats that will populate New York after Kingpin's arrest.

As already mentioned above, Mister Negativo fits into more mafia dynamics than a traditional villain: his stories do not present motifs such as revenge or the like, but they are always moved by criminal economic affairs that Spider-Man often blows up. It's not the first time that Spider-Man has faced an old-fashioned criminal, to be stopped for a sense of responsibility, but despite this Peter Parker feels a sense of admiration and respect for the good alter ego.

The duality between Mister Negative and Kingpin could be developed over the course of the game, adding dynamics often seen in comics, but which do not appear in Spider-Man films (either by difficulty, or by scenic style).

Most likely we will also see Mister Negative and Kingpin minions worthy of fame in the game, such as Hammerhead, Tombstone or Chameleon, second-rate villains who could represent good mid-bosses.

Powers and abilities

Martin Li can transform into Mister Negative thanks to the abilities received from drug exposure, which allows him to use and generate the Darkforce and LightForce. When it is transformed, it has superhuman characteristics, it can charge objects with energy (such as its blades) and take advantage of its touch which, depending on the shape it has at that moment, maintains different effects.

Another particular characteristic of the villain's powers lies in the fact that Martin Li, his good side, does not know of the existence of Mister Negative.

When he's Martin Li, his touch can heal people: with this he will in fact cure Eddie Brock of cancer, and will make him immune to Venom, transforming him into Anti-Venom. On the other hand, when he's in the form of Mister Negative, his touch can temporarily corrupt people, reversing their morals and personalities.

These skills, also seen in the trailer (at least as regards Mister Negative), will be able to offer fun gameplay dynamics, which is quite rare in superhero tie-ins.

The Villains of Marvel's Spider-Man: we discover Martin Li aka Mister Negativo

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