Tips for completing the stunts

GTA 5: Guide to ALL Crazy Stunts [360-PS3]


We continue with the guides dedicated to the collectibles of Grand Theft Auto V, this time it's the turn of the Crazy stunts.

The crazy jumps to find are 50 total and only by completing them all you can unlock the Objective / Trophy "Exhibitionist: complete all the crazy stunts. "As well as other collectibles (spaceship parts e letters from Leonora) even the crazy stunts must be completed to get 100% game completion.

Tips for completing the stunts

As a character it is advisable to use Franklin and take advantage of his ability to slow down time, in order to better set the run-up in the most difficult jumps. The best vehicle to use for stunts is the motorcycle, with the Pegassi Bati 801 you will be able to complete almost all the stunts (sometimes you will be better off with a car, do some tests and look at the vehicles used in the video). 

To complete the stunt you will have to land in the exact area or place indicated, otherwise you will fail. When the stunt is completed a message will appear on the screen. Always save before attempting a stunt, in case of death or destruction of the vehicle you will not have to waste time in vain to try again.

Where are the crazy jumps

The video below shows the location of the 50 crazy stunts to complete. Good luck!!!

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