Top Spin 4 - Complete Trophy Guide [PS3]

Top Spin 4 - Complete Trophy Guide [PS3]

The complete solution to unlock all Trophies


Here is the complete guide of with tips and video-guides to unlock them all the Trophies of Top Spin 4


  • 32 trophies OFFLINE - 9 trophies ONLINE
  • The difficulty you play never affects the achievement of results
  • You will have to complete the game at least once


A good start
TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all core lessons. 
See suggestions for "Teacher's Coconut"



Coconut of the teacher
TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all lessons. 
In the game modes, enter the Top Spin Academy. You must complete all the lessons to unlock this achievement.


Is alive!!!
Create a player.
You will unlock it at the beginning of Career mode when you create your player


CAREER - Achieve Beginner status. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


CAREER - Achieve Talented status. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


CAREER - Achieve Promise status. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


Rising star
CAREER - Achieve Rising Star status.
See suggestions for "The greatest"


CAREER - Achieve Stella status. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


CAREER - Achieve Superstar status. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


CAREER - Reach Legend status and finish game mode. 
See suggestions for "The greatest"


The greatest (Secret)
CAREER - You are now the greatest player in tennis history 
All CAREER achievements will be unlocked with your progress in this game mode. Then proceed in your career and rise in the ranking until you reach the highest level, a goal that will allow you to unlock this result as well.


Tabula rasa
Hire a coach.
At the beginning of your career you will have to see it for yourself, but when you start to move up in the ranking you will receive a proposal from a manager. Accept to unlock this achievement.


The golden child
Unlock all the skills of a gold trainer. 
As you progress in your career and move up in the ranking, you will receive hiring offers from better and better coaches. When you get a chance to be trained by a Gold Trainer he will give you 4 goals to achieve. Complete them all to unlock this achievement.


Development completed
Reach level 20 with a created player.

To level up you will need to use experience points (XP) to improve your player's various skills. XP can be earned by your player:
playing career
playing online
playing friendlies (always with your player)

Read also the contribution of ACE in the comments


Dream match
CAREER - Win your first Dream Match. 
Going forward in your Career you will have the opportunity to play (among the Special Events) matches against the Tennis Stars of the past. Win one of these matches to unlock the score.


For the flag
CAREER - Win a game for your country. 
You will be able to unlock this achievement when you are at level 20 and in first place in the ranking of your country. You will then be called to play an international match where you will represent your country. Win it to unlock the result.


Tennis instructor
Won an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super tiebreak) without losing a game. 
As per description. You must win all online match games with 3 sets of 3 games each. You find this type of match in tournaments.


Tennis elbow
You lost an online singles (3 sets of 3 games / Super tie-break) without winning a game. 
Same thing as "Tennis Instructor", but in this case you have to lose all the games.


WORLD TOUR - Win your first Quick Match.
As per description. In the World Tour, play a quick game and win it


First steps in the tournament
WORLD TOUR - Win your first match in a tournament.
As per description.


Equality between the sexes
WORLD TOUR - Play 20 games on the Men's World Tour and 20 on the Women's World Tour. 
As per description. You don't need to win the partie, just play them.


The first time is the best
WORLD TOUR - You have won your first Grand Slam tournament. 
In the World Tour, only one Grand Slam tournament is organized each week. There are not many tips to give, you have to try and win. If you don't make it, wait for the following week and try again.


Get serious
WORLD TOUR - Reach Rank 15. 
Even playing in the World Tour you will receive experience points (XP) for your victories. Each match won will allow you to level up. You could get help from a friend (who should let you win) to boost this result, but it is not easy to be able to happen in the same meeting with your friend.


Less than 24 hours
WORLD TOUR - Play less than 24 hours before the end of the season when you are in the top 100. 

The advice is to bring a female player to level 20 as it is easier to get into the top 100 since there are far fewer people who use female players. So keep playing and winning to get into the top 100 and then play a match on the last day of the season, which is Sunday. (keep in mind that every week the rankings are reset and, in fact, the last day of the season is Sunday)

Read also the contribution of ACE in the comments


Nothing ventured nothing gained
WORLD TOUR / CAREER - Complete 20 special objectives while practicing with teammates. 
During your Career you will have the opportunity to train by playing against a sparring partner. During these meetings the coach will ask you to achieve certain goals. Complete 20 to unlock this achievement.


Re from the field
KING OF THE COURT - Play a King of the Court game.
As per description. Go to the game modes and choose King of the Field. You will unlock the achievement after completing the first game.


The undisputed king
KING OF THE COURT - Win a King of the Court match without missing a single session. 
Play a King of the Court game and configure the settings to make the match as easy as possible with the opponent's AI on very easy. Win every session of the match to get the result.


Ball Launcher in the barrel
Play 50 balls in a row on the practice ground. 
As described, in the training camp with Roger Federer play 50 balls in a row. Very simple


Excuse me...
Win a point with a let. 
The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock this achievement, which in most cases is unlocked completely randomly. It involves hitting the top of the net with the ball with the ball that ends up in the opponent's half of the field anyway (it is therefore not blocked by the net). The "Let" refers to the moment of the serve, but if this happens the point is not awarded but the service is simply repeated. Since for this result you are asked to score a point with a Let I deduce that to unlock it you will have to hit the net and still drop the ball in the field of your opponent in order to score the point.


Win a rally of 8 hits or more with good or perfect timing (singles only). 
You must make an exchange of 8 or more hits (the serve is not counted) and in each of the 8 hits you must score a "Good" or "Perfect" timing.


I love successful games
Win 25 perfect games.
What is meant by perfect games? Simply win a game without losing any points, thus leaving the opponent at 0. Make 25 and you will blossom the result.


Master of volleyball
Perform 150 winning shots at the net. 
To execute a volley, you must hit as you approach the net. Score 150 points this way to get the result.


Mage of the muffled blow
Perform 20 Winning Damped Hits. 
The damped strike is performed by pressing + . Score 20 points with this shot to break the deadlock.


Perform 30 winning shots with an inside-out. 
To perform an inside-out, press so that your player turns away from the ball. Score 30 points with this shot.


Realistic tennis
Win singles in 5 sets / 6 games / no Super tiebreaker. 
It will take you some time because basically it is about playing a game that lasts as long as a real one. Set up a match (preferably friendly) with 5 sets of 6 games without super tie-breaks. Win this game to get the result.


Anyone want more?
Beat all 25 licensed players in any game mode. 
Very simple. The fastest way to get it is to play friendlies with a single 3-game set with no tiebreaker.


It's 2000!
Win 2.000 points in any game mode.
You will unlock it simply by playing. If you are in the race to unlock the other achievements this will come by itself.


True Top Spin nerd
Play 250 games. 
Matches of all modes are counted. It is not necessary to win, so losses are also counted.


Tennis for two
Win a double. 
As per description. Doubles in Career also count.


Ladies still!
Unlock 75% of the game. 
In Top Spin 4 there are several challenges that you can unlock by reaching certain objectives by playing friendlies, online or in Career. You can check at any time in the appropriate menu which are these challenges and how many you have already completed. Get to 75% of the completed challenges to get the result.


Unlock all the trophies in the game 
I await feedback and suggestions on the guide :)

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