Trophy / Objective Guide "Blaster! Blaster! Blaster!"

How to Unlock All Weapons in Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


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Trophy / Objective Guide "Blaster! Blaster! Blaster!"

In Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark there are a total of 18 unlockable weapons. These weapons are unlocked only by opening the mechanical boxes which in turn are obtained in various ways: by leveling up, by completing the various level challenges, by making a certain number of kills with a certain weapon, etc.

There are different types of mechanical boxes (prime, gold, silver, bronze) and in all of them you can find weapons. Apparently though, the finding is completely random, so the only way to unlock all weapons is to keep playing to have as many boxes to open, until you find the last one. Remember that even playing the "Escalation" mode should get you 10 to 15 boxes.

Here are all the weapons to unlock in the game

Primary Weapons

  • Neutron Assault Rifle
  • E.D.K. TechVolt
  • Nucleon Charge Rifle
  • Photon Burst Rifle
  • Scatter Blaster
  • Path Blaster
  • Riot Cannon
  • Subsonic Repeater
  • Throwback Blaster

Heavy weapons

  • Thermo Rocket Cannon
  • V32.CTBR Corrupt@r
  • X18 Scrapmaker
  • Chaos-Rift Combustor
  • Energon Harvester
  • A-4 Pulser Cannon
  • Corrosive Slime Cannon
  • Gear Shredder
  • Sling Shot

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