Trophy / Objective Guide "That's why a burglar"

Lego Hobbit - Master Burglar in all levels


Get the degree of Master Burglar in all levels of Lego: the Hobbit is useful for many things: it improves your self-esteem, allows you to complete the game 100%, makes you get a part of the Mithril bricks. Strength and courage, my Frauds.

Trophy / Objective Guide "That's why a burglar"

As in the previous games of the Lego series, also in this one we have a maximum goal to reach in each level, to be able to say that we have done things really well. Also in this case it is a question of reaching a certain number of tokens collected before completing the level.

The requests are far from impossible, and in many levels you will make it without much effort, but if you have difficulty collecting the required amount of tokens, remember that there are always the token multipliers which will make everything a breeze. To find out how to unlock and activate these multipliers (x2, x4, x6, etc.) follow the guide to the red bricks of Lego: Hobbit.

Here is the list of all levels of the campaign with the amount of tokens that must be collected to obtain the "Master Burglar" rating.

IMPORTANT: The Lego: Hobbit trophy guide is online, don't miss it if you want to get Platinum on this game too.

  • The greatest kingdom - 130,000 tokens
  • An unexpected party - 70,000 tokens
  • Azog il Profanatore - 25,000 tokens
  • Roast mutton - 50,000 tokens
  • The treasure of the trolls - 65,000 tokens
  • Above the hill and below the hill - 80,000 tokens
  • Goblin City - 135,000 tokens
  • From the pan ... - 40,000 tokens
  • Quirky Accommodations - 30,000 tokens
  • Flies and spiders - 85,000 tokens
  • Heated barrels - 80,000 tokens
  • A warm welcome - 60,000 tokens
  • Evidence is needed - 85,000 tokens
  • The necromancer - 30,000 tokens
  • On the threshold - 80,000 tokens
  • Secret information - 100,000 tokens

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