Tutorial to kick and score free kicks in FIFA 14

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FIFA 14: effective free kick guide / tutorial


In this new guide dedicated to free kicks by FIFA 14 let's see how to mark with the effective penalties.

Tutorial to kick and score free kicks in FIFA 14

Before starting I remind you that the guide for the powerful long range free kicks.

1) Distance to goal, player to use
Take the free kick for free kicks close to the opponent's area. Use players who have high stats of accuracy and effect (warp), if they also have power it's even better (Messi, C. Ronaldo).

2) Power of the shot
When you press the shot button you have to fill about half of the bar: 2 notches (or a little less) if you are right at the edge of the area, 2 and a half notches if you are a little further away (see the video at the bottom of the guide).

3) Where to aim
Aim outside the goal, the ball will go into the net due to the parabola to return. Take as a reference the players in the barrier, aim for the third starting from the left (watch the video). The further away you are, the wider the retracting parabola that the ball can make, the more outside the goal you can aim. If, on the other hand, you are very close to the area DO NOT aim too far outside the door, otherwise it will go out.

4) Which keys to press
Su PS3 - PS4 - Xbox 360 - Xbox One
Hold the left stick diagonally-up-right if the ball has to curve right, diagonally-upper-left if it has to curve left, then press the shot button.

Watch this video to see what we just said, in the tab FIFA 14 tricks and guides find instead other guides for this game such as the guide to perform all the celebrations, the feints and more.

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