Two Worlds 2 - Codes to unlock all weapons on PC

Two Worlds 2 - Codes to unlock all weapons on PC

An avalanche of codes for the console on PC

Here is a new list of codes for you to use exclusively on PC to unlock weapons and other items in Two Worlds 2.

To open the console, press the key , then type twoworldscheats to enable cheats. At this point, type one of the following codes to unlock the related weapon that will appear on the ground in front of you.

There are many, we have tested a dozen and they work perfectly, as always, your feedback at the bottom of the page is welcome. For requests for help we respond only in the FORUM.

WP_BUY_SWORD_01 Luciendar
WP_BUY_SWORD_02 Anathros
WP_BUY_SWORD_03 Evacuate
WP_BUY_SWORD_04 Elected
WP_SWORD_5 Short Blade
WP_SWORD_10 Razor Sharp Gladius
WP_SWORD_20 War Baselard
WP_SWORD_30 Executioner Blade
WP_SWORD_40 Battle Espandon
WP_SWORD_50 Fanatic Oath
WP_SWORD_82 The Orphan
WP_SWORD_43 The Feint Saber
WP_SWORD_429 Long Arm of Figar
WP_SHORTSWORD_10 Shiny Whittle
WP_SHORTSWORD_25 Curved Falcata
WP_SHORTSWORD_35 Elegant Mincer
WP_SHORTSWORD_40 Ornamental Tulwar
WP_SHORTSWORD_45 Orcish Bonesaw
WP_THSWORD_10 Tasteful Flamberg
WP_THSWORD_20 Acute Ricasso
WP_THSWORD_30 Stalwart Zweihaender
WP_THSWORD_40 Demon Tamer
WP_THSWORD_50 Dragon Spine
WP_LONGKATANA_25 Fine Wakizashi
WP_LONGKATANA_35 Traditional No-dachi
WP_SABER_15 Gracile Cutlass
WP_SABER_25 Wheezy Yataghan
WP_SABER_35 Jabbing Falchion
WP_SABER_45 Swirling Scimitar
WP_SABER_50 Sinister Know
WP_DAGGER_01 Horned Dagger
WP_DAGGER_02 Simple Dagger
WP_DAGGER_03 Dirty Dagger
WP_DAGGER_04 Hacking Dagger
WP_DAGGER_05 Toothed Dagger
WP_DAGGER_06 Daggered Death
WP_DAGGER_07 Elegant Dagger
WP_DAGGER_08 Strong Dschambija
WP_DAGGER_09 The Shadow
WP_DAGGER_10 So much
WP_DAGGER_11 Child scarf
WP_DAGGER_12 Assassins Delight
WP_DAGGER_13 Stiletto
WP_DAGGER_14 Bronze Dagger
WP_DAGGER_15 Slim Djambia
WP_DAGGER_16 Flamed Dagger
WP_DAGGER_17 Blade of the Askan
WP_DAGGER_18 Pronged Death
WP_DAGGER_19 Dwarven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_20 Dwarven Beavertail Dagger
WP_DAGGER_21 Powerful Dwarven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_22 Bulky Brute
WP_DAGGER_23 Throglins Oath
WP_DAGGER_24 Handy Andy
WP_DAGGER_25 Curved Elven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_26 Bizarre Elven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_27 Death Unseen
WP_DAGGER_28 Filigree Elven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_29 Powerful Elven Dagger
WP_DAGGER_30 Elven Death
WP_DAGGER_31 Winged Ritual Knife
WP_DAGGER_32 Deep Sting
WP_DAGGER_33 Ritual Blade
WP_DAGGER_34 Claw of Death
WP_DAGGER_35 Sweet Dreams
WP_DAGGER_36 Fare Thee Well
WP_DAGGER_101 Horned Dagger
WP_DAGGER_31A Scythes Nail
WP_DAGGER_493 Gatherer
WP_BOW_01 Short Retort
WP_BOW_02 Eaglewings
WP_BOW_03 Eaglewings of Power
WP_BOW_04 The Bow
WP_BOW_05 Long John
WP_BOW_06 Long John of Power
WP_BOW_11 Nightbow
WP_BOW_12 Bow of Darkness
WP_BOW_13 Reinforced Bow
WP_BOW_14 Small Reinforced Bow
WP_BOW_15 Plaited Bow
WP_BOW_16 Bamboo Plaited Bow
WP_BOW_21 Composite Bow
WP_BOW_22 Steel Bow
WP_BOW_23 Oak Bow
WP_BOW_24 Acacia Bow
WP_BOW_25 The Glorious Bow
WP_BOW_26 Jade Bow
WP_BOW_31 Elm Bow
WP_BOW_32 Yew Bow
WP_BOW_33 The Eyecatcher
WP_BOW_34 Airsplitter
WP_BOW_35 The Bow of Fate
WP_BOW_36 Whistling Death
WP_BOW_SPEC The Great Bow of Heavens Fury
WP_BOW_21_QUEST Great Bow of Mal
WP_F_BOW_310 Lightning Bolt
WP_GOBLINBOW_01 Thorned Bow
WP_GOBLINBOW_02 Aziraals Bow
WP_GOBLINBOW_03 Fanged Bow of Horn
WP_AXE_10 Splitting Maul
WP_AXE_20 Furious Adze
WP_AXE_30 Sturdy Hatchet
WP_AXE_40 Darksome Naga
WP_AXE_50 Feral Hurlbat
WP_AXE_310 Lightning Blast
WP_AXE_737 Sulejmans Hope
WP_AXE_763 Sulejmans Masterpiece
WP_THAXE_5 Stark Broad Axe
WP_THAXE_25 Wild Barbarous Axe
WP_THAXE_40 Honest Francisca
WP_THAXE_45 Dwarven Ono
WP_HATCHET_5 Heavy Tabar
WP_HATCHET_15 Proud Sagaris
WP_HATCHET_25 Military Twin Axe
WP_HATCHET_35 Crescent Moon Axe
WP_HATCHET_45 Steel Butterfly
WP_THHATCHET_10 Patient Teacher
WP_THHATCHET_20 Heavenquake
WP_THHATCHET_30 Vulcanic Eruptor
WP_THHATCHET_35 Witch Moth
WP_THHATCHET_50 Mousy Decapitator
WP_STAFF_01 Apprentice Air Staff
WP_STAFF_02 Air Staff
WP_STAFF_03 Senior Air Staff
WP_STAFF_04 Master Air Staff
WP_STAFF_05 Archmage Air Staff
WP_STAFF_11 Apprentice Fire Staff
WP_STAFF_12 Fire Staff
WP_STAFF_13 Senior Fire Staff
WP_STAFF_14 Master Fire Staff
WP_STAFF_15 Archmage Fire Staff
WP_STAFF_21 Apprentice Water Staff
WP_STAFF_22 Water Staff
WP_STAFF_23 Senior Water Staff
WP_STAFF_24 Master Water Staff
WP_STAFF_25 Archmage Water Staff
WP_STAFF_31 Apprentice Earth Staff
WP_STAFF_32 Earth Staff
WP_STAFF_33 Senior Earth Staff
WP_STAFF_34 Master Earth Staff
WP_STAFF_35 Archmage Earth Staff
WP_STAFF_41 Apprentice Necro Staff
WP_STAFF_42 Necro Staff
WP_STAFF_43 Senior Necro Staff
WP_STAFF_44 Master Necro Staff
WP_CLUB_5 Tough Baton
WP_CLUB_15 Commander Lathi
WP_CLUB_30 Teacher Sjambok
WP_CLUB_45 Wired Club
WP_THCLUB_5 Long Club
WP_THCLUB_15 Hobnailed Club
WP_THCLUB_25 Heavy Bludgeon
WP_THCLUB_35 Steel Menace
WP_THCLUB_45 Spiked Shredder
WP_WARHAMMER_15 Fine Morningstar
WP_WARHAMMER_25 Improved Morningstar
WP_WARHAMMER_35 Colossus Slayer
WP_WARHAMMER_45 Heavy Mace of Woe
WP_THHAMMER_10 Angry Maul
WP_THHAMMER_20 Heavy Grinder
WP_THHAMMER_30 Hammer of Amends
WP_THHAMMER_40 Hammer of Destruction
WP_THHAMMER_50 Throglin's Hammer
WP_PICK_10 Battle Hammer
WP_PICK_20 Brute Warhammer
WP_PICK_30 Crusher
WP_PICK_40 Thunder Warhammer
WP_PICK_50 Legendary Warhammer
WP_HALBERD_10 Depraved Rogatina
WP_HALBERD_20 Cyclone Pollaxe
WP_HALBERD_30 Tidal Wave Halberd
WP_HALBERD_40 Tsunami Lochaber Axe
WP_HALBERD_50 Tornado Guan Dao
WP_PITCHFORK_20 Tribal War Fork
WP_SPEAR_5 Steel Assegai
WP_SPEAR_15 Weighted Lance
WP_SPEAR_25 Wieldy Naginata
WP_SPEAR_35 Elven Mancatcher
WP_SPEAR_45 Forged Spetum
WP_STICK_5 Solid Stick
WP_STICK_15 Knaggy Pole
WP_STICK_20 Gnarled Rod
WP_STICK_25 Thorny Staff


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