Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception - PS3 Trophy List

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception - PS3 Trophy List

Here are all the Trophies in the game.


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


First treasure
Find a treasure.
Amateur treasure hunter
Find 20 treasures.
Able treasure hunter
Find 40 treasures.
Specialized treasure seeker
Find 60 treasures.
Expert treasure seeker
Find 80 treasures.
Discoverer of relics
Find the unusual relic.
20 headshots
20 enemies defeated with headshots.
Headshot Expert
Series of 5 enemies defeated with headshots.
Secondary Weapon Master
30 enemies defeated consecutively with the secondary weapon.
Blind shooter
Defeated 20 enemies by blind firing from cover (without aiming with L1 / R1)
Run and shoot
20 enemies defeated by shooting with the weapon in the waist (without aiming with L1 / R1)
20 enemies defeated with firearms by aiming hanging.
Dangerous waters
20 enemies defeated while swimming.
30 Kills: May 5
30 enemies defeated with Mag 5.
30 kills: Arm Micro
Defeated 30 enemies with Arm Micro.
30 kills: TAU sniper pistol
30 kills: TAU sniper pistol
30 kills: KAL 7
30 enemies defeated with KAL 7.
30 M9 kills
30 enemies defeated with M9.
30 kills: G-MAL
30 enemies defeated with G-MAL.
30 kills: SAS-12
30 enemies defeated with SAS-12.
30 kills: Dragon Sniper Rifle
Defeated 30 enemies with Dragon Sniper Rifle.
30 kills: T-Bolt Sniper Rifle
Defeated 30 enemies with the T-Bolt sniper rifle.
30 kills: RPG-7
30 enemies defeated with RPG-7.
30 kills: PAK-80
30 enemies defeated with PAK-80.
30 uccisioni: Mk-NDI
30 enemies defeated with Mk-NDI.
Author of your destiny
Defeated 10 enemies by blowing up propane or acetylene tanks.
Overhang grenadier
10 enemies defeated with grenades by aiming hanging.
"Leave the bomb" expert
Hit 5 enemies causing them to lose the grenade.
10 enemies killed by releasing grenades.
Master of Silence
Re-throw a grenade and defeat two enemies at the same time.
Bold with bare hands
20 enemies defeated in close combat.
Beater with bare hands
50 enemies defeated in close combat.
Ninja masters
50 enemies defeated with sneak attacks.
Riot Equilibrist
Defeated 5 enemies with riot shields by stepping on their shield.
Executioner of behemoths
Successfully counter all attacks from a Colossus.
Accelerated course
Check almost all the display cases in the Cartagena museum.
Riding with the crocodile
Climb the crocodile in the secret library.
A fish in the face
3 enemies hit with a fish in the market.
Marco Solo
Play in the cruise ship pool.
Truck thug
Defeated 10 enemies with melee attacks on the back of the convoy truck.
Completed! - Easy
Complete the game on Easy difficulty.
Complete a Competitive multiplayer match.
Complete a Co-op multiplayer match.
Master treasure seeker
Find all 100 treasures.
Series of 75 enemies defeated without dying.
Alternating combat
10 enemies defeated consecutively by alternating hand-to-hand combat and firearms.
100 headshots
100 enemies defeated with headshots.
Master of charging
50 enemies defeated in a row without automatic reloading.
Pike Ammo Master
Collect ammo with a somersault twenty times in a row.
Master dynamite!
4 enemies defeated in a single explosion.
smart ninja
Series of 5 enemies defeated with stealth attacks.
Completed! - Normal
Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
Completed! - Difficult
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Completed! - Destructive
Complete the game on Destructive level.
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