Uncharted 4: All Weapons Guide, "Every Left Is Lost" Trophy

Uncharted 4: All Weapons Guide, "Every Left Is Lost" Trophy


In this guide we see how to use all Uncharted 4 weapons to unlock the "Every Left Is Lost" trophy.

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To unlock this trophy in Uncharted 4 it is necessary to kill an enemy with each weapon. In the game there are 28 weapons in total, 21 can be obtained and used safely by taking advantage of the "weapon selection" trick from the bonus menu that becomes available after completing the game for the first time (for more details follow the complete list of Uncharted tricks 4). For the remaining 7 weapons keep reading this guide.

To unlock the trophy, remember that playing from the fight selection menu is also okay. Progress on kills made with various weapons are saved immediately when the match is closed.

These are the 21 weapons you can choose with the "select weapon" trick after activating it from the extras menu:

1. Aegis 9mm
2. Pit R-81
3. Gust
4. Pistols
5. Baroque .44
6. Flintlock
7. To .45
8. AK-47
9. XCR
10. FAL
11. ARX-160
12. HS39
13. Mettler M-30
14. Copperhead SR7
15. MP34a
16. Mazur LDR
17. M14 Custom
18. Pieces 12 Gauge
19. Condor
20. China Lake GL
21. RPG

These are the weapons that you have to find during the game:

  • 22. DShK: Machine gun that is used by heavily armored enemies, there are some in Chapter 20, "Ship Graveyard" encounter selection.
  • 23. Powder Keg: Small red explosive barrels that can be picked up and thrown at enemies. They are found in Chapter 20, "Ship Graveyard" encounter selection.
  • 24. Explosive barrels: fire when an enemy is nearby, for example in chapter 9, encounter "The Tunnel".
  • 25. white gas cylinder: found in chapter 8, "bridge" encounter selection.
  • 26. Turret: One is found in Chapter 9, selecting "the Tunnel" encounter.
  • 27. Grenades: You will almost always have them, no problem here.
  • 28. Dynamite: You will get it at the start of the match "bridge, chapter 8.

Make a kill with all these 28 weapons and the trophy will be yours. Good luck!!!

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