"Veteran" Objective / Trophy Guide

Easy Money and XP Cheats for Sacred 3 [360-PS3-PC]


Let's see the best way to earn experience points and quickly get to level 50 in Sacred 3.

"Veteran" Objective / Trophy Guide

The one shown in the video below and which I am about to explain below, is a method that allows you to earn experience points in Sacred 3 in the fastest way possible (but also a lot of pennies). If you want to burn some levels and quickly upgrade the character then proceed as follows:

Play the main mission "Vorios" on Legend difficulty until you reach level 6. Once you reach level 6 you will be able to defeat the boss "Walking Glacier" at the beginning of the mission of Santuario Icecreek. For XP farming, after defeating the boss pause, exit, and then reload the Shrine mission. Keep repeating, defeating the boss each time to quickly get to level 18.

When you are at level 18 you will be able to complete all main and secondary missions up to the main mission "Azabrak Ruins", including the secondary mission "Gloom Vale" which allows you to earn a lot of XP and a nice nest egg in money. Again, keep replaying and completing this mission until you have reached level 29. At this point, complete the game to unlock the difficulty Divinity. Now you can start over by playing on Divinity difficulty (which will earn you even more XP) and continue defeating the "Walking Glacier" boss as explained in the previous paragraph, until you reach level 50.

The method is shown in this video, good luck!

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