WandaVision: the last three episodes will last an hour each, according to Feige

The success of WandaVision continues to increase from week to week, and as the season finale approaches, many fans and enthusiasts have wondered if it was not the case to increase the length of the episodes, one of the most criticized aspects of this first TV series of the 4th Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in these first episodes has fluctuated from twenty to thirty minutes. To try to calm the waters - and at the same time increase the hype for this “season finale” - he thought about it Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios, who through recent statements confirmed that the last three episodes of WandaVision will have a much longer duration to those aired to date, even reaching even a about an hour per episode.

The adventures of Wanda Maximoff e Vision in the charming and mysterious town of Westview in New Jersey they reached a rather unexpected and decisive turning point in the sixth episode, which came out just last Friday. It was therefore legitimate at least to expect that to give even more prominence to the events told in this series and finally give one worthy conclusion of the success the show is having around the world. The confirmation of Kevin Feige, therefore, in addition to having cheered hundreds of thousands of fans, has also lit the minds of the most imaginative fans, who have already hypothesized a flood of theories about what the secret of this mysterious city trapped in a sitcom is: whether it really is a gigantic one introduction to the multiverse which will be officially introduced with the highly anticipated Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness?

In short, for the moment we just have to wait to find out where this magnificent series will go, which every week manages to surprise us more and more! In case you haven't started it yet but are still curious to know what we think, we leave you to our review of the first two episodes of WandaVision, so you can get an idea and decide whether to take this wonderful journey too.


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