Watch Dogs: Legion - Oppression Challenges Guide

Watch Dogs Legion has the beauty of 22 Challenges inside Oppression, marked with Red Icons (activity of the village). Completing them is necessary to transform all the neighborhoods into a challenge to get the trophy "Let's take London back". You will automatically unlock these activities after completing a mission related to the main story. There are 8 districts in the game, each with 3 or 4 red icons. Once the neighborhood is completed, the challenge mission will be unlocked, which once completed will start the revolt patented by Ubisoft.

Hoping that the guide will be useful to you, we refer you to our section of Watch Dogs: Legion, accessible at the following link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers about Watch Dogs: Legion, as regards some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

Keep in mind that you can't really "miss" these challenges, at most you can leave them pending and resume them after you finish the game. Additionally, the Camden borough will automatically be cleared during the main quest, leaving you with only 7 boroughs to clear.

Here are Watch Dogs: Legion's Oppression Challenges

  • City of Westminster No. 1 - Save defender of freedom
    On the ground floor of the hostile area "New Scotland Yard" you can find this character. Use the circuit box in the same room to open the door and free him.
  • City of Westminster No. 2 - Sabotage Propaganda 1/2
    The ctOS console you need to hack is on a roof, so the easiest way to get on is to use a drone (use construction workers as they have the Cargo Drone skill). The ctOS console is in a fenced area: to reach it use an air duct, then use a Spiderbot. The problem is that the air duct is blocked on the other side, use the drone to pick up the box that blocks the air duct and then move on.
  • City of Westminster No. 3 - Sabotage Propaganda 2/2
    This ctOS console is on a roof, you have to use the cargo drone to get to the top. Once you are on the roof you can easily access the console.
  • Challenge Mission - Like a clock
    After completing all the Oppression Challenges, you must take care of the “Like Clockwork” mission which will automatically spawn outside your shelter. This will free the City of Westminster, but remember that in this mission you will need to use a Spiderbot to get around the London Clock Tower.
  • City of London no. 1 - Hack the 1/1 CtOS hub
    To enter the challenge area, it will be sufficient to go through the doors of the building. This will lead you to a homeless shelter with a locked door. To open it you will have to hack the nearby drone and fly it to the balcony located above. Once this is done, scan the area so that the key icon appears on the map. Also pay attention, on the balcony there is a datapad that must be scanned with the drone, in order to unlock the key for the gate. Once inside you will find the CtOS console quickly and easily.
    This will consequently trigger a minigame in which you will be in a hiding place where you will only be able to use the cameras. First you have to scan the main console, but only after jumping on the first mannequin. At that point you will be prompted for a password, but to get it you will have to scan 3 computers in the room. Once the 3 PCs have been hacked you just have to do the same thing with the main console.
  • City of London no. 2 - Photographic evidence 1/1
    Completing this activity will be quick enough, as it is in the same spot as the photo proof, recognizable by the red icon. You will find two reporters talking to each other alongside a white van. Next to them is a News Drone, take control of it and, where the news drone is (behind the 2 reporters), head to some red wooden planks on the side of a structure. There is a hole there that you can go through with the drone, this takes you to a very dark underground section. Navigate it and you will reach a room with the evidence to photograph.
  • City of London no. 3 - Sabotage
    Go to the red sabotage icon and interact with the console.
  • Defiance Mission: Mind games
    In this mission, after taking an elevator to a building, you'll need to use a Spiderbot to find the air duct. This will take you through several other office conduits, until you reach a yellow interaction point. First use the cameras to hack 4 yellow computers, then hack a flying drone and use it to align the power grid.

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