WD_Black P10 - Xbox One Game Drive Review

WD_Black P10 - Xbox One Game Drive Review

In the new gaming market, the hard disk space of current-gen consoles is no longer sustainable. With the explosion of the online market, today's devices fill up with a much higher frequency and require more and more attention to cleaning. About this Western Digital decided to bet strong by producing an HD dedicated to Xbox One e Xbox One X: WD_Black P10. Let's find out if it can satisfy the demanding requests of video game enthusiasts.


The WD product is packaged with a clean box, more conspicuous the packaging with the symbol of Xbox which offers green bands above the box. At the bottom right, we find the performance and capacity while in the center the image of the product takes the whole front. Inside, the storage is well protected.

WD_Black P10 - Xbox One Game Drive Review



Once busted, the WD_Black P10 presents itself to us with a fairly modern design. Ultimately this is a part that should not be underestimated since it will have to reside near your console, so the more beautiful it is, the more attractive (as well as useful) it will become. The product for the Xbox version offers a white frame with black covers at the top and bottom, as well as a logo on the top. The black model is less striking, but still well characterized.

The performances are identical for each model and for each capacity, and all take advantage of the USB 3.1 Gen 1 and the old Micro B connector. modern Xbox One X.


The most interesting things to know when we talk about "Game Drive" are definitely the performance. Before knowing it, however, we want to tell you that the product is sold in three versions: 1TB, 3TB e 5TB. The capacity is therefore in line with the values ​​that at this moment make the product interesting, each player according to their needs will be able to buy the capacity they deem best in order not to constantly install and uninstall games.

The configuration of the WD_Back P10 with ours Xbox One X it was almost immediate (yes we did not use the Xbox One, since even if not reported by the manufacturer himself, the HD is compatible with the latest Microsoft console as well as for PC). As a first test we decided to start transferring a lot of data from our console to the external HD.

WD_Black P10 - Xbox One Game Drive Review


The performance exhibited by the product was remarkable, also because moving three games with a capacity of over 100 GB took us almost 22 minutes. These times are really acceptable and in line with the best products out there. According to WD, the product has a maximum transfer capacity of 130 MB / s, a figure that after our tests seemed a little overestimated, given that on average external HD travels at a speed of 80/100 MB / s.

After sifting through the write performance, we decided to see if the performance of games installed directly on the HD deteriorated. We tried several titles (such as Apex, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) and were pleasantly impressed. After passing the data some load times were lower than the console HD performance. Obviously we are talking about a few seconds and this does not change your perception of the game, but it made us understand how reliable this product is.


Trying the WD_Black P10 we were very satisfied with the performance and its design worthy of being placed close to our consoles, there is only one though: the product developed by Western Digital is certainly of the highest quality, has an impeccable workmanship and we note the study that the company dedicated to him, it is a pity that the proposed price seems a bit high to us.

To date, if users wanted to save money by focusing on less flashy products, they could buy something different, since there is nothing that makes it really special. It must be said then that if it is formatted to be used on PC o PS4 (formatting it in NTSF) the disk loses a lot of important space, another note not to be underestimated. We believe that the performance is really excellent and that it is nice to leave it attached near our console (preferably white), for this reason we consider it a valid product even more so if you are a lover of that kind of design.

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