Where is the 9mm pistol

Dying Light: guide to find the 9mm pistol and rifles [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Let's give some lead to the Dying Light zomboids


If you are struggling with the secondary quest "Gunslinger" (Gunslinger) by Dying Light then you are also trying to find a 9mm pistol. This mission is particularly important because ONLY by completing it you will have access to a couple of collectibles in the game (in the tricks and guides tab of Dying Light, among others, you will also find all the guides dedicated to collectibles).

Where is the 9mm pistol

There are two ways to get a 9mm gun. The simplest method is to take it from the cottage at the bottom right of the map in the slums. Here is the continuous respawn of the gun from the very first moments of the game and throughout the course of the game.

The second way is to find the gun by opening the police vans with picks. The first method is certainly recommended, because the police vans require a high level of skill with the pick to be opened and above all they never guarantee the finding of the gun which in this case remains random (personally, in the almost 30 open vans I found the gun ONLY 3 times, but on the other hand I found some excellent melee weapons).

Remember that human enemies will NEVER drop a 9mm pistol, only rifles and melee weapons.

Where and how to find assault rifles

We've seen how to find the gun, but where are the guns located?

Far the simplest way is to kill the bandits. Bandits can be found during a lot of side missions, often they will have very powerful assault rifles and melee weapons. You will also find them near the aerial supplies, so check them regularly, in this situation you could easily get rid of them with a nice Molotov cocktail or by luring the zombies on them to distract them.

Pay particular attention to the missions in which you will have to deal with Rais's men, they are almost always equipped with rifles.

I close the guide by leaving you this video that shows exactly where the 9mm pistol is (first method indicated)

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