Where is the freezing attack

Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Finding the Freeze Blast [Freeze Blast]


Let's see how to find the only hidden gadget in the game.

Where is the freezing attack

The Freeze Blast (or Freeze Blast) is a very special gadget of Batman Arkham Knight. Unlike all the others that are unlocked simply by progressing in the game, this one in fact must be found and collected by going to look for it in the area where it is hidden. 

Having the gadget is used to collect different Riddler trophies (follow the Batman Arkham Knight Riddler Trophy Guide to find them all), which in turn is necessary if you want to get the true ending of the story as explained in our guide. to the Batman Arkham Knight endings.

In the video below you can then see where and how to get this precious gadget, the freezing attack.

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