Where to buy Chinese phones?

Where to buy Chinese phones? One of the most common comments we get when we talk about Chinese phones is the difficulty we encounter when we have to buy one. Untranslatable web pages, customs problems, no guarantees… The truth is that buying a Huawei, Xiaomi or Meizu phone is a little easier than it might seem. Below we leave you some of the best websites where you can buy these terminals, as well as some tips on how to get around.

Generally, the concept of a Chinese telephone usually has two connotations. The first, and increasingly common, is the one that refers to a phone manufactured by one of the many Chinese companies in existence, including some of the most popular Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu and Huawei.

Gone are the days when mobile phones were simple Chinese replicas, the famous MP5, MP7 and so on ... Now Chinese smartphones are considered better and Chinese manufacturers all over the world compete on par with more traditional brands like Apple and Samsung, not only in the Chinese or Asian market, but all over the world.

These companies usually offer devices with good features at a cheaper price than those offered by brands with a better reputation, such as Samsung or HTC.

The other meaning that can be referred to when talking about Chinese mobile devices is that of Chinese-made copies of some of the most famous phones of the moment from brands such as Motorola, Sony or Samsung. These are generally devices that look aesthetically similar to the ones they try to imitate, only they don't share the same characteristics and are of questionable quality.

Going to the manufacturer's official store is the safest and most reliable method we have when we have to buy a smartphone of this type. In this way, we will avoid some of the most common problems that occur when we buy Chinese mobile phones through third party websites: no warranty, customs issues and lack of after-sales service.

Buying the best Chinese phones directly from Chinese websites carries one key benefit that explains their success: in most cases, they offer the best prices on the market. However, the disadvantages we mentioned at the beginning are of such importance that we need to be very aware before moving on to purchase.

Why are Chinese mobile phones so cheap?

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They're so cheap because they don't do multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, so you save on the market, they're like white-label supermarket products. It is also known that some companies sell the overproduction as white label cell phones, simply by changing the outer casing and some components, but the cell phone itself is the same and much cheaper.

Another reason is that they have been successful in sales, more and more people decide to buy cheap Chinese phones, so production costs are lower and prices go down. This has been possible thanks to social media tools, forums and web pages, which have facilitated access to information and we can know firsthand how they are and how they work.

Are Chinese Phones Reliable?

Nowadays if you buy in a recognized shop there are no problems, they are phones that have exceeded the quality standards of the European Union. Another thing is that you buy directly from Chinese people in auction or similar pages. But if you buy it in a Spanish shop, or send it from Spain, there is no problem, the warranty is mandatory by law for 2 years.

In the case of brands that have not officially entered Europe, there is nothing to worry about. They don't come in because of patents, not because they don't have quality. Today the main Chinese brands are the same or better in terms of quality / price than the big brands.

Cheap smartphones which brands produce them?

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It's a big secret and they are responsible for maintaining confidentiality, because if you find out that a $ 150 cell phone is the same as a $ 600 cell phone, they'll be out of business. It is often not the same phone, but it is manufactured in the same factory and therefore uses the same components.

Which Chinese Phones Are Best Phones?

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017, Huawei P8 Lite 2017 or Xiaomi Mi A1: buying guide

We live in genuine competition, there are so many manufacturers competing with each other to offer the best device, both in terms of quality, performance and price. With this, consumers win, we have better and cheaper terminals.

At this point, digital marketing for Asian SMEs comes into play, using smart social CRM monitoring tools, trying to find a place among big brands like Xiaomi, Meizu, Zopo or Huawei.

The truth is, there are many Chinese mobile phones on the market, some better, some worse, and some undesirable. That is why it is always better to be guided by the choice of the majority, if so many people choose certain mobile phone brands and some Chinese phones because the product is good, it can't be that everyone is wrong.

Where to buy Chinese phones?

Comparison between Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Xiaomi Redmi 4

When you have already decided that you want to buy a Chinese mobile phone, it's time to find a safe shop, with guarantees and, above all, be serious. There are many Chinese shops that when they send the product they don't care if it doesn't arrive, they stop it at customs or it breaks down after a few months.

It is important to choose the best shops to buy Chinese mobile phones. That said, some of the most popular Chinese stores where you can buy the best Chinese phones at the best price, and not just phones ...

AliExpress.com it is the Chinese online store par excellence, the Chinese Amazon and it is very strong. AliExpress was created by Alibaba Group Company in 2010 and currently this online marketplace offers Chinese retailers the opportunity to sell their products all over the world. Millions of buyers around the world prefer this shop, as it works with the escrow model - the seller only receives the money when the buyer confirms receipt of the item and matches the description - this variant works just as well with the well note PayPal. In conclusion, Aliexpress is the largest website and is definitely the leading service among the best Chinese online stores.

it.JD.com, headquartered in Beijing, is one of China's largest B2C e-commerce platforms. The site is owned by JD.com, the second largest online retailer in China and already has the English version of their service for the international market. It is undoubtedly one of the best Chinese online stores. It supplies approximately 40,2 million authentic products across 13 categories, including computers, cell phones, home appliances, cosmetics, clothing and shoes, watches and jewelry. Their prices are competitive and their delivery service is fast and reliable. The delivery service can reach more than 35 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Southeast Asia.

LightInTheBox.com is an online store in China which is on the list of the most trusted stores with free delivery. It was founded in June 2007 in Beijing by LightInTheBox Holding Co. Ltd. specializing in international retail. During the first three months Lightinthebox earned $ 72 million in net income. The store currently has more than 1,2 million customers around the world showing its great reputation.

MiniInTheBox.com is one of the leading Chinese companies selling electronic devices and accessories. It was founded in 2010 by LightInTheBox Holding Co. Ltd., which also owns a LightInTheBox store. However, MiniInTheBox specializes in several gadgets and electronics, while LightInTheBox sells a wider range of products (household items, clothing, etc.). MiniInTheBox is one of the best Chinese websites to buy electronics. This store has customers in more than 170 countries and continues to expand its international sphere.

DealExtreme.com (dx. Com) was opened in 2006 and has managed to have a good reputation with customers all over the world. Its main advantages are low prices and free delivery of goods around the world, regardless of the cost of shipping on order. They are shipped from Hong Kong and DealExtreme is probably one of the most popular Chinese online stores.

Banggood.com is a Chinese online store that has been on the market since 2004. They have more than 30.000 products and a large variety of items divided into different categories, such as: smartphones and related accessories, gadgets, toys, interesting lighting items, clothes and accessories, watches and so on. The site is renewed with over 100 new articles every day.

Strawberrynet.com First online site to offer world-class branded cosmetic products at discounted prices. A totally international company that purchases duty free products and shipments all over the world. It covers more than 200 countries and has more than 30.000 items from over 750 brands. The widest available range of makeup, skincare and perfume products available, all at greatly reduced prices, being one of the best Chinese websites to buy cosmetics.

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FastTech.com is focused on all kinds of tech products for your geeky needs and so much more. Operated by Hong Kong-based Cloud Commerce Systems Limited, FastTech's main warehouse is strategically located in Guangdong, China. Factory prices and free shipping. One of the best Chinese online stores for most geeks.

Gearbest.com focuses on selling electronics online, providing a wide selection of the best gadgets, fast shipping, and guaranteed customer service. GearBest specializes in consumer electronics, all kinds of electrical appliances and even men's fashion. Additionally, GearBest offers free shipping on every order. One of the best Chinese websites to buy home appliances and electronics.

TinyDeal.com - is a website that offers a wide range of products, from different little things to tablets and mobile phones. Offers over 50.000 types of products. Worldwide delivery is traditionally free (but only up to 2 kilograms). It doesn't differ much from FocalPrice, or DealExtreme, although you have to take into account that you can pay with Visa and Master Card. However, the use of PayPal is recommended: it is more reliable.

DinoDirect.com is one of the largest Chinese online shopping sites, with free worldwide delivery service, offering a large number of different products - over 20.000. A wide range of items. These are the two keys to success used by this Chinese internet shop. You can buy jewelry, accessories, bags and items for children, clothing for men and women, wedding dresses, construction products, sporting goods, gardening products, appliances and electronics, car accessories and more on the website DinoDirect.

FocalPrice.com - It is an online company that offers, electronic, technical accessories for computer, video games, mobile phone accessories and many other Chinese-made equipment products. It is known for its attractive prices and some products that are significantly lower than DealExtreme. This is due to the location of the store, and in particular due to its proximity to manufacturers. The company has a wide range of products (over 70.000 items), including copies of major brands and jugzando from the comments of phones and office equipment are of decent quality.

GeekBuying.com is located in Shenzhen Guangdong Province and is focused on providing the best gadgets around the world at incredibly low prices. Typically, GeekBuying tries to add some fun into online shopping, to make you have a better experience and offer a wide range of geeky products.

TomTop.com is a Chinese online store that sells a large number of different types of products, from clothes and costume jewelry to cosmetic products. The main group of items consists of electronics and gadgets. TOMTOP was founded in 2004 and in 2006 the store received a Gold status from Alibaba, which is very important for an Asian company. This online store is located in China, to be more precise, in Zhengzhou province.

Things to consider before buying a Chinese smartphone

New Huawei Nova 2s with premium design and Android Oreo

The shops listed above are usually considered reliable and tend to give little trouble. However, there are some main elements we need to take into consideration when buying a Chinese phone / gadget:

  • Guarantee: check that the phone / gadget has a guarantee and, if so, what are the conditions and duration of the guarantee.
  • After-sales service: who to contact in case of phone defects. If you buy the terminal through one of the official channels, you will not have any problems in this area, but if you are using a third party site, this may be more difficult to discover.
  • Pay attention to the transport costs, even if many of the ones mentioned above offer free delivery.
  • Be careful with customs fees, but this seems to be an old problem, but it's still best to be careful.

Have you ever bought a gadget from a Chinese store? How did you find yourself? Let us know in the comments box.

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