Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends

In Wildermyth's review we will discover that the first work of Worldwalker Games is above all a story. Our history. A story that, as almost always happens, starts quietly, unexpectedly, and then becomes bigger and bigger over time, epic, even legendary. A story that, generation after generation, will transform the protagonists into heroes and over time even into myths. Those who a moment before were young people committed to defending their village have turned into seasoned veterans after a few hours, ready to pass on their knowledge to the new generations.

In this way story after story, mission after mission, our group of adventurers will not only make a name for themselves in their world, but also in our personal sphere. It will go under the skin. We will begin to know each of them not only by name and appearance, but also by inclinations and tendencies, suffering every loss and rejoicing every time you cross their path again, a bit like you would meet an old school friend.

A story, with a video game around it

Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends
Some of the protagonists you might encounter in Wildermyth

Because, we said, Wildermyth is almost more of a story, of a video game. It is true that there are many fights, strictly turn-based, it is true that the characters can level up, learn new skills and change equipment, but the fulcrum of everything is the story, the journey that will go through several generations of heroes.

Wildermyth, in fact, is developed and told as if it were a book. Within each chapter, in turn divided into mini-campaigns, we will have to form a company of heroes who will have to save their land from the misfortune of the moment, progressively discovering their motivations to arrive at the expected final confrontation. The game world is the common thread between all these stories, but above all the people who populate it.

This is because i heroes of the first story may also appear in subsequent ones. Both by choice, given that they can be called into action in place of a character created from scratch, but they can also pop up in a completely spontaneous way within one of the many curtains that punctuate every move and every important meeting.

The true masterpiece of Worldwalker Games is being able to create a procedural system able to (almost always) give great consistency to the game world, with events, relationships and relationships between the characters consistent with their nature and with their past. A hero who has just lost a friend will want to specialize in protecting his companions, one who is in a relationship with another may decide to sacrifice himself in his place. Two lovers may be bickering over dinner, while two rivals will try to outdo each other in battle.

La death in Wildermyth it is almost final. Once in the campaign, in fact, we will have the opportunity to save a character who has been mortally wounded. Depending on its nature or luck, the killing blow could turn into a permanent injury or even an impairment. Alternatively we could decide to sacrifice it in exchange for a last heroic gesture, but even in this case it is not certain that this is its end. After the battle, in fact, we will be able to decide to reward his sacrifice and dedicate an altar to him that will tell his legend to future generations. In this way the character will become part of the Wildermyth pantheon and can be recalled in subsequent adventures.

Through this system both the characters who participate in the final mission and the dead will transform from local heroes to legends, then into myths and finally into quasi-divinity.


Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends
Wildermyth's fights take place on a square-based chessboard

Hero status is not purely aesthetic, but brings with it all sorts of different perks. The greater their fame, the greater the powers and equipment that can be inherited in the next adventure. A local hero will be able to choose a skill, a legend will immediately be a hard-to-block war machine. We are not speaking, in fact, only of a few more statistics, but of real ones transformations that make each character unique. One of our heroines, for example, sacrificed her hand on an altar. Instead of coming out crippled and unable to fight, she has gained a useful skill that allows her to hook enemies. His mistress, on the other hand, was hit by a kind of stone in the eye; at the end of each campaign we will be able to decide whether to support her transformation into a stone-woman or to be satisfied with the bonuses guaranteed up to that moment.

As we said, everything is in our hands: we will be players and dungeon masters at the same time, victims and executioners of the fate of our company. At the lower levels you will be able to enjoy the history, its ramifications and the many intersections. At the highest levels every battle it will be a real fight against enemies progressively stronger, more armored and bad.

Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends
Wildermyth is full of dialogue and choices to make like these

Knowing how to make the most of all the skills available to the heroes, such as the peculiar system of magic, or the ability to warn one's warriors (in XCOM style, one of the works that inspired Wildermyth at least in terms of gameplay), it will be essential to bring home the skin of your heroes. You will not be able to get distracted for a moment, because dangers could lurk everywhere. And the biggest don't always hide on the battlefield.

In addition to fighting, in Wildermyth it will be necessary to explore the map game and manage the few resources available. In this sense, the game reminded us of the never too praised The Banner Saga, with time marking our every action and being a real sword of Damocles on our heads. Sifting through a territory for materials to build new equipment is always very useful, but it takes time. Time that is often not available, given that at regular intervals the enemies are strengthened with new skills and units and prepare real punitive expeditions that will put the map to fire and sword. But there is not only this, based on the story addressed, there may also be other calamities lurking.

Siping time and human resources, therefore, will be another very important element of the whole experience. Something that will put a strain on our resistance and that of our group.

Style and graphics

Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends
Wildermyth's style is very peculiar

While not a visually stunning game, Wildermyth has style to sell. A little 'for the colors used, very bright, but always well blended with each other, embellished by the "lights" produced by flames or magic .. A little' for the curious choice of creating the characters through very detailed two-dimensional figurines. These are not simple drawings, but elements that evolve together with our heroes. They age between campaigns and wear all the weapons and equipment we will assign them.

The character design is also very particular, much closer to the style of Albert Barillé's productions (That's what we are made of, Great men for great ideas) than to that of modern comics or manga. Also excellent music accompaniment, always very much in line with what is shown on the video and also in this case with echoes of The Banner Saga and the exceptional soundtrack by Austin Wintery

It also has flaws

Wildermyth, the review of an extraordinary journey between myths and legends
Also in this fight you can admire the pastel colors of Wildermyth

Although the quality of the experience is very high, especially for those who like to get lost among the hundreds of different dialogues that can be found, Wildermyth is not without flaws. For example, the fights are all more or less equal to themselves. It is true that the opponents or the shape of the arenas change, but the goal is almost always to exterminate everyone. The exploration phase of the map and managerial is also rather poor, both artistically and materially, and, despite being functional, it could have given more to the experience.

Furthermore, the interface is not always very clear and sometimes it is difficult to select the right enemy or to understand who to move. Finally the game is only in English and without a good understanding of the dialogue it loses much of its charm.

These are elements for many secondary, but which must still be reported.


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Wildermyth is an original, multifaceted, intriguing and magnetic experience. The style imprinted by the Worldwalker Games is unique and the adventures told, with the plots ranging from the daily to the epic, can only enter under your skin and leave you something. Wildermyth is a game to try and try again to discover every fold and maybe to leave there, and then resume after some time to rediscover its myths and legends, as well as its heroes. At the moment the game is only available for PC and its transposition on console is not so immediate, given the proprietary engine used. But in case you can, do yourself a favor, give it a chance.


  • Stylistically unique
  • Complex and procedural history
  • Original and fascinating game world
  • A little monotonous
  • Only in English
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