Will Assassin's Creed Champion arrive in 2022, with a double setting?

    Will Assassin's Creed Champion arrive in 2022, with a double setting?

    Although Assassin's Creed Valhalla has made its debut on consoles, PC and Google Stadia for a few months, it would seem that the plans at Ubisoft for the release of the next DLC of the game, and in particular of the next chapter of the famous videogame saga dedicated to the Assassins are well defined. According to what emerged from a recent rumor, coming from the well-known videogame forum (reddit), after "The Wrath of the Druids", available in March 2021, the next expansion coming should be called "Siege of Paris".

    According to the information reported by the source, the DLC will not only see Eivor ally with the French nobles and help Rollo in the siege, in order to depose Charles the Fat, but should introduce several references to the next game in the series. The launch window of "Siege of Paris"Should be scheduled for June. But that's not all, since the anonymous insider also stopped to talk about Assassin's Creed Champion (code name) and the setting of the title. According to assassafan2020, the new chapter of the saga will be revealed on the occasion of E3 2021, only to see the light in 2022, and it should present one fantasy / medieval location with double setting in France e Germany.

    Waiting to find out more details on the subject, and to be able to get your hands on the next DLC coming out of Assassin's Creed Valhallawe advise you to take this news with the necessary precautions, since we do not know the actual reliability of the insider and it is still simple rumors, not confirmed at the moment, nor denied by the Parisian giant. If you want to know more about the latest effort Ubisoft Montreal, at the following link you can find ours review complete.

    Take on the role of Eivor, fearless fighter and legend among all Vikings. Lead your clan from the bleak cold of Norway to the heart of the prairies of XNUMXth century England. Establish your own settlement and set out to conquer a hostile land by any means necessary - anything to gain the glory of Valhalla.

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