Will NieR Replicant arrive soon on Nintendo Switch too?

NieR Repeat, previously announced announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam appeared a few minutes ago on the pages of Amazon France in version Nintendo switch, despite the developers (Toylogic, for Square Enix) have not yet announced this version. The game is a re-release of the action RPG originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, sequel to Drakengard 2. On the Amazon page (immortalized in a screen shown at the bottom of the news) you can see the price (56,15 euros) and the release date set at April 23 2021.

NieR Replicant was announced on March 29 during the streaming event dedicated to XNUMXth anniversary of the publication of NieR. The developers have called this new version a "Version up". For the occasion, a short trailer was shown, which we report at the bottom of the news for your convenience. The rather curious number “1.22474487139” which is part of the title refers to root of 1,5. The version up will exclusively concern the Replicant version of the title, with several graphic and gameplay improvements, in addition to the introduction of a new character. Takahisa Taura, who had previously worked on Never: Automata (here our review), he was hired for the care of the action phases present in the adventure. Finally, the soundtrack will be remastered and will be integrated with unreleased tracks, all under the supervision of the composer  Keiichi Okabe (TEKKEN / Drakengard / NieR: Automata), and the manufacturer Yosuke Saito (DRAGON QUEST X / NieR: Automata).

This is the official description of the game published on Steam:

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is an updated version of NieR Replicant, previously released only in Japan.
Discover the unique prequel to NieR: Automata, the critically acclaimed masterpiece, reworked with masterfully brought to life graphics, a fascinating story and more!

The protagonist is a kind-hearted young man who lives in a remote village. To save his sister Yonah, seriously ill with Necrography, he leaves with Grimoire Weiss, a strange talking tome, in search of the "Sealed Verses". For the first time in the West, discover the story of NieR Replicant through the eyes of the protagonist and a loving brother.

The developers wanted to explain in detail if NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139… is to be intended as remastered or remake. At the dawn of summer this year, Square Enix unveiled a few pictures of the new version by NieR from the Japanese twitter profile dedicated to the game.

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