Will Nintendo Switch Pro have exclusive games? An insider suggests yes

Yesterday the news emerged, according to a recent Bloomberg report, that the large N really intend to market one Pro version of Nintendo Switch, which should fit a OLED panel made by samsung by ben 7 inches (compared to 6,2 "and 5,5" of the current models available on the market) and support the maximum resolution of 4K connected to the TV. But the rumors would not end here, given that in the past few hours it would have emerged from the well-known videogame forum (ResetEra), which the new hybrid console from Nintendo may present some exclusive games, therefore not available in the standard and Lite version of Nintendo Switch. We report in detail the words of the insider:

There will be some selected exclusives, particularly from third party partners. They may not be very many, but I know of at least one.

Although at the moment, of course, there has been no confirmation from the Kyoto house even regarding the actual existence of Nintendo Switch Pro, we would not be surprised by such a choice by the Japanese giant, given that the same happened in 2014 with the release of the New Nintendo 3DS. Furthermore, fans have already begun to speculate what the exclusive titles of the new peripheral may be. Surely they could not miss the mentions to two of the most loved Rockstar Games titles of all time, namely Red Dead Redemption 2 and a possible port of Grand Theft Auto 5. Furthermore, fans of the Japanese company are hoping that it can debut on the console too Final Fantasy VII Remake.

While waiting to learn more about the subject, we remind you to take this rumor with due precautions, since the large N she did not in any way unbalance the matter. According to what emerged from the Bloomberg report, the Pro version of the Nintendo hybrid console, in addition to a 7-inch OLED panel and 4K (once connected to the dock), should also feature a review of the Nvidia SoC procedure.

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