WWE 2K22 shows itself in a new trailer, starring Rey Mysterio and 619

Inside the first night of Wrestlemania the long awaited announcement has arrived. WWE 2K22 will arrive very soon, and it is shown in a new teaser trailer which featured the well-known wrestler Mistery King. The announcement that has been expected for days in fact concerns the new chapter of the WWE saga with 2K Sports. A release date has not yet been confirmed but it has been clearly explained that the game will be developed and distributed by 2K but also from Visual Concepts and WWE Games.

In the short video, Rey Mysterio, a lucha libre legend and one of the most exciting and decorated Superstars in WWE history, embarks on an epic match against her opponent. Cesaro, unleashing his final move, the mythical one, against him 619. The trailer ends with a confirming note that WWE 2K22 "will come very soon".

In WWE they strongly believe in the new title. Also because after the resounding failure of WWE 2K20 the will to relaunch the brand is very strong. After a break from the videogame scene, WWE is ready to return, solving the numerous problems that fans had complained about in its latest incarnations, concerning a woodiness in the movements, complexity in the moves and some bugs in the most excited phases. now, this new trailer really looks like the beginning of a whole new and exciting journey for the saga.

In fact, despite the fact that the movie lasts a few seconds, we can see several improvements from the top technician and graphic designer. Rey Mysterio is more true than ever, so much so that it becomes confusing to distinguish between the real one and the videogame one, while his spectacular 619 shows a revised and improved technical sector. So we just have to wait for the game to finally arrive, so as to touch these technical improvements and throw ourselves into the ring to make our favorite moves, including the legendary 619.

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