Yondu: Coming soon the comic focused on the character of "Guardians of the Galaxy"

    Yondu: Coming soon the comic focused on the character of

    Yondu, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters belonging to the universe The Marvel movies, will have a comic series centered entirely on him. The writers Lonnie Nadler e Zac Thompson (Cable, Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men) will team up with the artist John McCrea (Dead Eyes), to reveal more than has ever been shown about the life of Yondu Udonta.

    These are the words of the writer Lonnie Nadler about the series:

    Yondu is so unique because many of the readers know him from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, yet his story is almost completely undefined within the comics. We took this golden opportunity to simultaneously investigate who Yondu is primarily, as well as explore the underbelly of crime within the Marvel Cosmos.

    In addition to defining Yondu's story within the Marvel universe, the writers hope to redefine what they're capable of as Marvel Comics writers. Here are the words of Zac Thompson:

    Yondu is the opportunity to do something completely different for Lonnie and me. We're offering readers a street-level space book within the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Yondu is full of jokes on every page. We had an absolute blast that wrote the series, we laughed until we were in tears every time we invented a new scene. However, we wanted to delve into the Yondu that readers will appreciate.

    Furthermore, Thompson always talked about what it will be possible to discover inside the comic, showing the cover and some pages of the first issue:

    There is much new in this book. New planets, new revelations, new characters and new adventures: Yondu is carving out a brand new part of the Marvel Cosmic and leaving a trail of destruction wherever he goes.

    Nadler as well as talking about the comic itself, also added words about the artist John McCrea:

    Zac and I really wanted to push the boundaries of who we are as creators of Yondu, so we're pushing ourselves into entirely new places, which I think will surprise a lot of readers. We are best known for writing horror stories, but this book is a comedy-filled detective book with neo-western elements. It is unlike anything we have gone through before. Working with John McCrea was completely surreal. We are such huge fans of his work on books like Hitman and The Boys, and collaborating with a veteran like John is like making a pipe dream come true. Our story is increasing on every single page.

    McCrea also talked about what they tried to show together with writers Nadler and Thompson within this new comic series:

    Me, Zac and Lonnie show you the space baths, cosmic sewers and gangsters of the galaxies in a shocking story across time and space. Yondu is a space adventure that explores the windy belly of the Marvel cosmic universe.

    Below we leave you to the images mentioned!

    YONDU # 1


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