All Dead Rising 3 endings

    Dead Rising 3: Guide to Alternate Endings [Xbox One]

    All Dead Rising 3 endings


    Dead Rising 3 contains several alternate endings that are unlocked by making particular choices throughout the story. Let's see what they are and what needs to be done to see them all.

    All Dead Rising 3 endings

    As per tradition, the new Next-gen chapter of Dead Rising also features multiple endings. The epilogue you will witness after completing the adventure depends on some particular choices made during the game. Below you can see the 4 different alternative endings of Dead Rising 3 and find out what needs to be done to unlock one instead of the other.

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    ATTENTION!!! SPOILERS follow !!!


    Final F: it is not even the case to call it final, since, if you want, you will not even have to complete the first chapter to see it. Just let the timer go down to zero and don't complete the main story missions. Sit back and watch the fireworks. Here is the video showing the ending F.

    Final D: to see this ending, after escaping from the metro station DO NOT go to the karaoke bar but go to the plane. Watch the video

    Final C: In chapter 7, after escaping from the subway station and arriving at the karaoke bar, you will meet Gary. To get the C ending you have to kill Gary, save Annie and return to the plane.

    Final S: this should be the best ending of the game. To unlock this ending you will NOT have to kill Gary, but you will have to help him save his wife in Chapter 7. Then complete Overtime (Chapter 8). Here is a video showing the best ending of Dead Rising 3

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