All scenes cut in the European version

South Park the Stick of Truth: here are all the censored scenes [360-PS3-PC]


Censoring South Park? It would be like taking a shower in a raincoat ...

All scenes cut in the European version

If you are well informed and have followed the pre-launch events of the video game on South Park, surely you already know that in the European version several scenes contained in the original game have fallen under the ax of censorship because they were considered too strong for us others (yes, apparently , we are more bigoted than the Americans).

Playing at South Park the Stick of Truth on PS3 or Xbox 360 in fact, you will have happened to find a screen like the one below that describes in some detail what we are missing due to censorship.

If you are curious and if you want to enjoy the game 100% without missing the cut scenes as our American cousins ​​could do, here is a video that compares the two versions, showing first the cut scene and then the original "uncut" one with the full scene of the alien anal probe or the abortion in the "Unplanned parenthood" clinic

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