All the secrets and easter eggs of Injustice Gods Among Us

    All the secrets and easter eggs of Injustice Gods Among Us

    All the secrets and easter eggs of Injustice Gods Among Us


    Lots of easter eggs and references of all kinds in the latest Netherrealm fighting game.

    The developers of Injustice Gods Among Us have been busy inserting a large amount of references to other characters in the backdrops of the battle arenas that feature the legendary heroes and villains of the DC Comics world.

    Below is a rundown of all the easter eggs in the game, but before starting I remind you that in the cheats tab of Injustice Gods Among Us you will find many other guides on this excellent fighting game.

    The original Doomsday costume
    Go to the Fortress of Solitude arena with both players using Doomsday. If you make the two of them wear different costumes, then the Doomsday in the background will be wearing the costume taken directly from "Death of Superman".

    Play with Catwoman's cat
    Isis, this is the name of the lucky feline that slips fluidly over the super-tight latex dress of the beautiful Catwoman. You may not know that in one session of the game it is possible to take control of the feline. It is precisely possible to do this in Catwoman's STAR Lab mission # 23. If you want proof, watch 4:20 of the following video:

    Dad, mo spiezz you in two!
    Another curious easter eggs. In the STAR Lab mission # 180 using Raven you will have to face nothing less than .... Papa Trigon, the father of Raven. Fun fact: during the mission you will not be able to use Raven's Super Move. Watch the video proposed earlier at 11:35 to see this sequence as well.

    But how many cacchiarola are there?
    In almost all the arenas of the game, the more attentive will be able to see more or less clear references to other games or other characters in the DC universe. Just to give an example, the Hall of Justice contains statues of Stargirl, Hawkman, Big Barda and Mr. Miracle, as well as a bust of Orion and other menate. Other references are seen in some layer transitions, and still others when you will use particular interactive objects in certain maps. Again, OriginalProPlayer on youtube reports that they have seen a piece of Robin's cloak on the far right of the "Metropolis" arena.

    Everything (or almost everything) is shown in this video. Good vision

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