2.0: the update of the famous Blizzard platform is coming 2.0: the update of the famous Blizzard platform is coming

    Blizzard is rolling out a major update for 2.0, which, according to the developer himself, represents the biggest front-facing upgrade the PC platform has received in many years. The update, available for some time only for beta testers, includes a large number of new features to improve the experience for users, among which we can find a new improved layout and some interesting navigation tools. In particular, it is now possible to add titles to a list of favorites, as well as being able to freely decide how they will appear in the game library. The 2.0 update includes, among other things, a much larger and more organized layout, in order to help players more easily catch up on game news and updates. 

    Blizzard has decided to make changes also from the point of view of the social plan of the platform, updated in order to be easier to exploit and to be able to achieve greater visibility. Likewise there are a number of improvements dedicated to theaccessibility of the platform to make it more intuitive, so that you can quickly access many of the features of simply by using your keyboard. According to the developers, the color contrast has also been improved and the display support has been updated. Patch 2.0 will not be released at the same time for all users, but will start in North America and will arrive in the rest of the world over the course of next weeks.

    Finally, Blizzard has declared that this will be only the first of a long series of improvements that will continue to accompany the famous platform that over the last few years has expanded its offering to include titles of Activision, including the series Call of Duty. Blizzard intends to continue to improve and add content within the platform, focusing heavily on the feedback released by players on the official forums or social platforms.

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