Black Desert - PlayStation 4 version review

Black Desert - PlayStation 4 version review

Four years after its debut on PC, Black Desert, MMORPG created in Korean studios Pearl Abyss, finally lands on console. We had the pleasure of playing it on the PlayStation 4 version and were really happy with it. The new version of the game has almost nothing to envy to the original edition which, as anyone who has been able to play it on computer will know, had left many fans pleasantly impressed, thanks above all to the artistic sector and the graphic rendering of the title.

When we say GDR

Black Desert it will certainly not betray the expectations of the most passionate RPGs. Before starting the game we will first have to create our virtual avatar, as is traditional for games of this genre. The character editing already holds interesting surprises: you can choose between ben ten classes (Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Lahn, Berserker, Musa, Ninja, Dark Knight, Wizard and Witch), each of which (in addition to featuring a different gameplay setting) offers the player a myriad of customization possibilities.

The care reserved by Pearl Ayss at this preliminary stage it is commendable. The entire appearance of our character can be shaped (with the exception of sex, bound by the choice of class) thanks to a very accurate system for modifying the facial and anatomical features. Furthermore, at this point our eyes will be delighted by the level of detail of the clothing, proposed in predefined but surprisingly realistic sets. Black Desert - PlayStation 4 version review

As we said, the choice of the character will not only cover the aesthetic aspect of our avatar, but will definitely affect gameplay for the rest of our adventure. Each class offers different ideas and ways of approaching the story, starting with the combat system. By choosing a warrior rather than a wizard, we will have access during the game to a branch of unique moves and equipment that can only be used by the chosen class. The combo system of the sorceress will, for example, be radically different from that of the ranger, thus laying the foundations for a high level of replayability in terms of history. The controls on the console are also well calibrated, despite the very high number of actions that can be performed both during a fight and in the other phases of interaction with the vast open world at our disposal.

Alone or in company?

As a MMORPG, Balck Desert offers a strong multiplayer component both co-op and competitive. The game already enjoys a pretty lively community and it won't be hard to find someone willing to join us, no matter which server you choose. Finding more experienced players to guide and advise us will be of vital importance, not so much for the difficulty of the missions, as for being able to extricate ourselves through the numerous and complex menus that could confuse the less prepared player. At higher levels it will also be possible to join a guild or participate in the so-called Wars of the Knots, PVP events that will put the power and control of areas of great commercial and economic importance within the game world on the winner's plate. Black Desert - PlayStation 4 version review

If you prefer to go on a single-player adventure, don't worry: Balck Desert offers a rich and in-depth story that will lead you to discover the secrets related to the Black Stones and the mysterious (and even a little disturbing) Black Spirit. This entity, apparently visible only to us, will accompany us from the beginning of the game and will be our main supplier of quests. Even without the help of other players, the gaming experience is enjoyable, but it requires a little more effort especially if you do not have a good knowledge of the English language. Black Desert it hasn't even been localized in the recent console port, so be prepared for dialogues that are not always easy to understand.

Black Desert: Become Your True Self

The motto of the game could not have been more apt. In Black Desert we will really have to step into the shoes of a new virtual self, but no less "real". The game world features countless activities, which surround the main fantasy adventure. To make sense of the crafting sector, the developers have provided a wide range of works, from cutting trees to fishing through alchemy and the search for ingredients, each of which will require the use of the right tool, exactly as it happens in the real world.

There is no shortage of secondary and random quests in which we can stumble along the way. Even in cities, it will be common to find NPCs in need of our help, even if only when it comes to carrying a crate too heavy for them for a short distance. In short, the possibilities and the variety of jobs and jobs make the game world come alive and worthily complete the fairytale landscapes in which you move. To complete it all, we find daily rewards and constantly updated events that allow us to obtain new items, thanks to which we can make our in-game experience even more unique. Black Desert - PlayStation 4 version review

To break the spell of our second virtual life, however, they arrive some sore notes. As you continue with the missions, you will sometimes have the feeling of simply going back and forth around the map, going towards our goal and then returning to whoever commissioned it. However, this aspect is greatly attenuated by the aforementioned plurality of tasks that can be performed. Another defect found during the console test is a frequent drop in frame rates. Often, especially in the most crowded servers of players, NPCs come across whose features are reduced to textures, with unpleasant delays in loading them.

As for the fluidity of actions and fights, one can only be satisfied. The movements of both our PC and other inhabitants of the world of Balck Desert they seem to be perfectly coherent and integrated with the surrounding environment, even in the most excited moments. During the action phases the title expresses all its best qualities: the fluidity of the movements is combined with the richness and variety of the gameplay, resulting in satisfying clashes both for the degree of difficulty and for the high frequency of the fights.

Black Desert It is therefore the perfect game for anyone who loves RPGs and massive multiplayer. The defects of the console port hardly affect the grandiose work created by Pearl Abyss. An artistic sector worthy of the most epic fantasy adventures and a compelling storyline will drag you to the discovery of a rich and lively world ready to be explored.

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