Capcom explains how Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters were born

    Capcom explains how Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters were born

    Since the first presentation trailers for Resident evil village, a sort of "internet cult" about the giantess has been created in the maze of the internet almost involuntarily Lady Dimitrescu And its daughters. The somewhat singular phenomenon has become so driving as to represent an event in its own right, complete with fans in raptures for the giantess ready to undermine the poor Ethan Winters, in a spooky one castle of Romania. Here then, that Capcom took some time to talk about the development of these iconic and fascinating antagonists of the game, during an IGN interview.

    The genesis of Lady Dimitrescu and her aesthetic style, incredibly comes from one of the faces already known in Resident Evil 7, that means Mia Winters, one of the victims of the family Bakers, and wife of protagonist Ethan. In fact, in the interview with Tomonori takano, the art director of the game said that:

    We reused Mia's character model from Resident Evil 7 and made her wear a dress and a hat

    I thought this would be enough to give it a ghost quality, but we couldn't make it (look) scary. So, we decided to make the character model much bigger. That was the beginning of Lady Dimitrescu. I drew a concept art in which she bends down to walk through a door. That's when I felt it would work.

    Interestingly, then, how the most disturbing Lady model in the series began with a character already known as Mia. But obviously Dimitrescu it will not be the only threat for Ethan, because she was joined by her daughters, terrifying witches who will give the protagonist many headaches in his difficult journey to resume kidnapped daughter.

    Ethan has a family he is trying to protect, so we wanted to have a family for Lady Dimitrescu as well, to provide a contrast.

    He has declared Morimasa Sato, the director of the title, who in addition to this topic also discussed how the characters were created and inserted into the setting:

    To create an attractive village (with its own identity), the characters who live there are extremely important

    For the main enemy characters, we thought about the area each would be in and what kind of experience they could provide

    The area of ​​the castle will therefore be populated by the family of Lady Dimitrescu and her witches, who initially, however, had to be many more, even one hundred in Tanako's opinion:

    The concept started out as a castle with a hundred witches inside, but it was difficult to implement in a video game format, which is why we ended up making it this way

    But in (concrete), when you play you may notice that the setting is still quite close to that idea. All kinds of enemies inside the castle are women. With Lady Dimitrescu as the cult guru, we have created this hierarchy of women. Men have blood drained (they have been attacked and their blood sucked) from these women, so it could be said that he is the opposite of Dracula (who sucks the blood of very young women). Outside, in front of the castle, you can see bodies that have had their blood drained, similar to skinny scarecrows, and they are all men. It is an environment where women are very strong

    The one presented by Capcom is therefore a all-female cast of vampire / witches very charismatic and with great verve, able to establish a reign of terror in their land and to establish themselves as dominant creatures.

    Tanako finally also hinted at how the castle is not the only explorable part of the title and how the map will be considerably larger than the seventh installment in the series. The purpose is therefore to ensure a certain of variety of situations and a substantial amount of content, with many horror-themed settings that can create a very strong tension in the hearts of the players.

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