Crysis 3 - All the Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

Crysis 3 - All the Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]


Only finely crafted easter eggs on the Crysis 3 stall.

Here we are, also for Crysis 3, at the usual appointment that sees us review the curiosities and references of various kinds hidden by developers in video games. Ladies and gentlemen, here are all the secrets and easter eggs of Crysis 3.

The arrow in the knee
Read the article we dedicated to this easter egg, a clear and shameless reference to Skyrim.

All the Ketchup a man in a Nanosuit could ever want
You can find this absurd easter egg in Mission 3. Watch the video

The dancing soldiers (n'atra vote !!)
The minds responsible for Crysis 3 fall back on it, and after the elevator disc seen in Crysis 2 we can now witness another painful scene where the Cell soldiers dance. This time, however, it happens directly in the game menu. From the main menu of the game, go to the Extras and then to the nanosuit showroom. To see a new set of models and poses press the RB button on 360 / R1 on PS3 for a few seconds. After the new sets have appeared, go down the list. Here is the video

Thor's hammer
By now I refuse to list all the games in which the star egg of Thor's Hammer appears, even if Crysis 3 misses the double rainbow (missing? Are we sure?). It is located in mission 4, taking the hammer you will be pervaded by electric shocks, throwing it at an enemy soldier will have an instant kill. It's still Thor's hammer, isn't it? Watch the video

How do I surf the crocodile for you
Here too we are in Mission 3. After the collapse of the dam, approach the large pipe from which the water flows, you will see that the option to interact will appear. Do this and a crocodile will pop out that you can use as a surfboard if you are not too animalistic inside. Video

How I get high on mushrooms
Also there, mission 3, after the collapse of the dam. Follow the river and keep to the left, explore the area to find a gray mushroom with a smiley face. Take it and eat it to embark on a nice "journey".

Unleash it with the bin and get the applause
Buahahahahha. Um, yes. This easter egg can be found in mission 6. At the first Ceph anti-aircraft checkpoint, use the underground tunnels to move under the AA batteries. Use the invisibility to not alert the enemies and notice a Pirla-Ceph that on his rounds stops near a garbage can. Kick the can to hit him and drop him down for your 5 seconds of glory. All shown in the video

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