Death Stranding: here is the inspiration for the soundtrack

    Death Stranding: here is the inspiration for the soundtrack

    Only in November 2019 was it released Death stranding, which before the end of the year would receive a series of awards including three ai The Game Awards: one of these, dedicated to the best soundtrack, much appreciated also by the game community. Ludvig Forssell, together with a team of sound designers from Sony and Kojima Productions, he composed all the music and sounds located within the work (except of course the tracks of other artists reported in game). He himself got the award for the best ai soundtrack Titanium Awards, while Death Stranding's iconic BB's Theme won the Song, Original and Adapted ai award NAVGTR Awards. Talking with Gamereactor, Forssell has outlined some of the creative moods that inspired him in the conception of some melodies that we can hear in Death Stranding. Below, an excerpt from the interview:

    We spent a lot of time thinking about a possible sound of the bike: this was one of the most difficult challenges. At first we knew we would be dealing with electric motors, which are difficult to reproduce without being reminiscent of Star Wars science fiction.

    I love finding new ideas out of thin air: I was in an Uber in Los Angeles, and the car was going through these noises caused by the rumble strips placed on the side of the road: it produced a really fantastic sound. One of the first sounds that I really loved was that of Sam connected to the BB, in particular the sound of the latter turning on was produced with an internet modem.

    The US military during the Vietnam War used experimental, psychological warfare, in which ghostly voices were played over loudspeakers, pretending to be ghosts of fallen soldiers calling their family members. We made our own versions and put them into the Vietnam sequence.

    Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4, While the version PC will have to wait until the next one 2nd June. The game is truly a musical masterpiece, and Forssell has become a well-known figure in the gaming community since its release last year. He managed to develop a fantastic soundtrack using truly unique methodologies. Speaking of which, did you know that the music of the title is about to be released in vinyl format?

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