Demon's Souls: analyzed the differences with the original version of PS3

    Demon's Souls: analyzed the differences with the original version of PS3

    Future owners of PlayStation 5 could opt from day one to purchase the security in question, Demon's Souls, since it will be one of the first and true works to express the potential of the console without any kind of restriction due to different versions. Unlike Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game with undoubted graphic qualities, but born cross-gen, the remake made by Bluepoint games it will be an exclusive PlayStation 5 console that will be able to show off and playful of the undoubted technical and gameplay qualities. The title in question is so important that Digital Foundry wanted to carry out a mammoth technical analysis of even an hour and more that you can view at the top of the article.

    In addition to John Linneman of DF there are also three developers of the software house including Gavin moore, Creative Director of the company. The analysis carried out concerns a large comparison made also with the original version distributed on PlayStation 3 and how it was possible to bring such a title on the new console of Sony. The different game engines were analyzed and compared, the details and characteristics of the new machine explained and how this is able to exploit them, starting with the speed of the new SSD, and also how the modes will work. Performance e Cinematographic. In this regard, we also propose a tweet under the article where the fundamental difference is shown, namely that the kinematics will allow you to play in native 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, while that performance at a resolution of 1440p but at 60 frames per second. second, obviously upscaled to 4K since PlayStation 5 does not have a video output function at a resolution of 1440p.

    Finally, we remind you that Demon's Souls will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 on the day the console is launched, or tomorrow Thursday 12 November for the American market, while on 19 November for the European one.

    Digital Foundry - Demons Souls Hour Long Deep Dive

    Differents modes:

    Cinematic: Native 4K / 30
    Performance: 1440p / 60https: //

    They note a * slight * difference in texture / tesselation. Bluepoint are damn wizards because that 1440p is CRISP AS HELL. I'll stick with Performance.

    - Shinobi602 (@ shinobi602) November 11, 2020

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