Destiny 2 - Season of the Chosen review

Destiny 2 - Season of the Chosen review

Destiny 2 has always made great pride in its great narrative skills and the importance of the characters within the already great lore that characterizes this playful universe. With the previous Season of the Hunt we had the opportunity to return to interact with faces already known to most, landed on Destiny 2 with the expansion The Forsaken; obviously we are talking about Petra Venj, The Spider and Uldren Sov. The latter two were among the protagonists of last season, but only the killer of Cayde-6, awakened as a guardian and by the name of Il Corvo, remains a key figure in the current season's narrative.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Chosen review

The backbone of the narrative sector of the Season of the Chosen thus becomes the relationship between characters who, as we specified in our first impressions, it presents itself as strongly unifying for otherwise divided faces. Zavala finds himself teaming up with Osiris, who in turn helps The Crow redeem himself within the Tower. The already fragile relationships are further undermined by the arrival of Caiatl who, at the request of a collaboration with the guardians, starts a silent war with them. This narrative aspect had already allowed the introduction of the Battlefields, of the particular PvE activities in which the players will have to fight against powerful hordes of Cabal, in order to obtain great rewards in a rewarding system that we will deepen later.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: who wanted to kill Zavala?

What's really interesting is the way Bungie was able to exemplify the plot already presented a few weeks ago, with the release of the Season of the Chosen. If before the relationships between characters risked leading to serious conflicts, the recent one assassination attempt on Zavala represents the drop that overflows a vase full of hatred and rancor. Although the circumstances of what has happened in the past few hours are not clear, the leader of the Vanguard wasted no time in pointing the finger at the current leader of the Cabal, Caiatl. Also in the moments before the attempt, Zavala claimed to have seen the uncovered face of Uldren Sov hidden in the gardens of the Tower. It is not clear if it was a hallucination or if Il Corvo was really there that night; what we know for sure is that Bungie is doing a great job of turning current Season of the Chosen events into a real thriller where everyone must trust everyone, but only out of compulsion.

Destiny 2 is currently the stage for intrigues, plots and many hypotheses regarding who is really behind the scenes. We affirm this because apparently the Destiny 2 Twitter profile has been - metaphorically - taken hostage by Caiatl, in a nice communication strategy, which is answering some users who ask her questions. Among these, one stands out in which he states that if he really wanted to kill Zavala, he would have done so by looking into his eyes. With this sentence, it therefore seems to confirm that it was not she who sent the assassin, and that there may be another enemy of the Guardians in this war, unaware of Caiatl as well.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Chosen review

The perfect Season of the Chosen rewards system

The protagonist of the Season of the Chosen gameplay is an intricate process consisting of multiple elements that reward the player, a surprisingly effective rewarding system. Given the structural complexity of this system, it is necessary to investigate, albeit briefly, all the parts that make it up. First among these is certainly the new Avant-garde operations center which takes the name of HELM, accessible as a landing point on the Tower map. From here we will find three fundamental points of interest: the shady decoder, the prismatic converter and the war table.

The operation of the first two you can surely imagine, since it is the same that the Drifter used before Beyond the Light. When Guardians earn Shadow Engrams during Season of the Chosen activities, they will be able to upgrade them to specific rewards using the Prismatic Converter, then redeem them within the Shadow Decoder. A simple mechanism yesterday and simple today, always easy to understand and use as well as a great reintroduction that we appreciate a lot. The war table is set up like a normal merchant, thus offering the possibility to purchase specific bounties and increase their reputation, in order to obtain even more rewards.

However, right here we will be able to purchase improvements for the Warhammer, the heart of the entire rewards system of Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen. It is in fact a seasonal item present among companies that provides for the charge - through Cabal gold - of some slots necessary to destroy the Cabal chests that will appear at the end of the Battlefields. Illustrated in detail these elements, the operation of the entire rewarding system therefore becomes evident: players will have to launch into the Battlefields, during which they will get shady engrams to be upgraded as they prefer and the Cabal gold, upon completion of which they will be able to unlock the classic final casket but also the Cabal coffers. At the end of even just an activity of this type, everyone will be able to obtain a really large number of rewards, which can be improved and / or increased by upgrading the Hammer of the Test.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Chosen review

Season of the Chosen is therefore yet another affirmation of Bungie's ability to knowing how to create perfectly balanced systems, proof of the constant listening to player feedback. Destiny 2 is a stable and balanced work like few others, the result of years of work on balancing all the features and elements that compose it. Also for this reason, it is not surprising that with the release of the Season of the Chosen Bungie wanted to simplify the processes of obtaining the bounties or even the interface itself, in order to make it more understandable and accessible, especially for novices. In addition, the conditions necessary to obtain the stasis upgrades have been revised which, as we have seen in our guide, had proved quite difficult to complete. This Destiny 2 refinement process is neither at the starting point nor at its conclusion, but Bungie has repeatedly reiterated its will to continue to make your title as accessible as possible, and has already stated that the next few seasons will make this philosophy more and more concrete.

While it is one of many passing seasons, Season of the Chosen brings back mechanics and dynamics that players had come to know and undoubtedly enjoyed, such as those related to shadowy engrams. However, we consider the narrative implications undertaken as the most interesting aspect, capable of introducing different interpretations of both the individual characters and the events that see them as protagonists. We will be honest: we can't wait to find out what the role of The Crow is in the attempt to kill Zavala, as well as we are very curious to find out how the clash between the Cabal of Caiatl and the guardians of the Tower will end. We just have to wait for the arrival of the next two assaults, available respectively from 23 March and then from 30 March 2021. Stay connected on Resources4Gaming to not miss further news and information on Destiny 2, and don't forget that April 20 2021 will start the new edition of Guardian Games! Don't forget that, sadly, Bungie had previously chosen to postpone the Whispering Queen expansion; find all the information here.

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