Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!

After the announcement made by Frontier Developments during Lavecon 2019 about the megaships arriving in the immense galaxy of Elite Dangerous, a lot of hype has been created in the hearts of commanders fond of the Cambridge house's space simulator. Now, about a month after the announcement, on the occasion of the Gamescom 2019 of this year held in Cologne, the developers wanted to release a new trailer focused on Fleet Carriers, showing new aspects of the big ships that can be used within the gigantic world of Elite starting with December.

The Fleet Carriers

First of all, these high-value megaships will be a completely new class implemented within the game world, which can also be purchased by all commanders who own both the base title and the Horizon expansion (which we remember, gives the possibility to land on the planets and wander around the planets aboard your SRV, the rover dedicated to planetary exploration). Furthermore, it enables not only to be able to travel together with other players by hosting them directly in your ship through the so-called Multi-Crew, but also to carry out passenger transport missions and physically customize your commander with Holo-me.

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers! Another huge aspect that opens up a world of variables is the possibility of personalize Fleet Carriers to your liking, transforming them according to your needs into versatile megaships:

First of all the exploration ship, a queen activity that allows you to explore the entire Milky Way faithfully reproduced on a 1: 1 scale containing up to 400 billion explorable systems, with the possibility of discovering and leaving your name in never-before-discovered systems full of everything a galaxy can offer: from planets of all types (rocky, icy, high metal content, planets with atmosphere, planets without atmosphere, gas giants of various kinds and much more), stars of various kinds (from the youngest to the most ancient, including white dwarfs) to the little studied and still very mysterious and intriguing black holes and remarkable stellar phenomena.

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!The second megaship shown in the trailer is the one dedicated to mining, one of the most profitable activities in the entire galaxy, which consists in going to extract the most precious and high-value minerals and metals in circulation, such as void opals, and painite inside the rings of gas giants consisting of thousands of asteroid fragments. Usually this particular activity is performed inside the so-called Bolla, the civilized area full of inhabited systems from where you start your adventure inside your Sidewinder (the smallest and default ship used).

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers! Third and last ship shown in the new trailer dedicated to Fleet Carriers, is the one dedicated to combat, the most fun and at the same time complex activity of the whole game. The combat system of the title developed by the Cambridge house is very varied, many different weapons that affect and inflict different damage depending on the type of armor used on the ships, starting from the one that mainly protects from kinetic damage, up to the one that protects against corrosive damage inflicted by modified weapons with experimental effects.

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!Until now, the types of Fleet Carriers shown inside the trailer have been listed, without going into the details of what they will allow to do. Recall that these megaships will cost a lot of credits to those who want to buy them within the game world.

Each Fleet Carrier will have a total of 16 landing platforms, which can therefore accommodate up to a maximum of 16 different commanders, distributed as follows:

  • 8 large landing platforms, which will accommodate the largest ships currently present in space stations, including the Anaconda, the Federal Corvette, and the Imperial Cutter;
  • 4 medium landing platforms, which will be able to accommodate slightly smaller ships, used in all activities, including the Mamba, the Asp Explorer and the Krait Phantom;
  • 4 small landing platforms, those that will probably be used mainly by players who are still in the let's say "initial" phase in search of a guide, stimulating a lot of team play as they will have the smallest and least efficient ships of all, such as the Eagle Mk II, the Adder and the Viper Mk IV.

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!One of the most important and succulent news that it was possible to extract from the new trailer, was that all those who will use this new category of megaships will be able, once landed on the latter, to take advantage of services such as refuel, fully repair your ship, and even stock up on ammunition for weapons. It is not well understood whether it will also be possible to customize your ship within these new Fleet Carriers as in space stations, we are talking about Outfitting, one of the central aspects of the entire game.

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!Extremely important and key aspect of these huge new ships is the scope of their jumps, that is to say how many light years it can jump every time you want to move with the hyper jump: the Fleet Carriers open a world of possibilities thanks to their enormous range, in fact they will be able to jump thanks to their powerful Frame Shift Drive, up to a distance of about 500 light years, a distance 7 times more than a large ship set up for exploration such as the Anaconda can jump at most. The great thing is that we will be able to take with us an entire star fleet of commanders, making the Fleet Carriers real "mother ships"!

Elite Dangerous: new trailer and details on the Fleet Carriers!The September update

During this past year, Frontier Developments per quanto riguarda Elite Dangerous, focused on the season called Beyond, a series of big and small updates aimed at improving the gaming experience, first of all for players new to the title and later for veterans of the Elite world danger.

In fact, we remember that they were changed some key aspects such as'scouting and mining, made much more satisfying. They have been added driving aids of ships such as supercruise assist, improved textures and variety of planets, and added new ships such as the Mamba, added Tech brokers along with Material traders. In addition, many contents related to the dangerous Thargoids and the now extinct Guardians, alien species known within the galaxy, have been deepened and added. Finally, the squadrons: real clan within the game complete with faction actually present in the majestic Elite galaxy. Furthermore, among the updates released, the initial game experience has been changed: in fact, a small number of systems within the Bubble have been closed to veteran players, creating a sort of "reserved area" dedicated to new players.

In addition to all this, the game developers have decided to modify the so-called Frontier Points, a premium currency that can only be obtained for now through the use of real money. In fact, the Frontier Points will be replaced by the so-called Arx, currency that can be spent on cosmetic aspects of the ship and its commander through the holo-me.

Speaking of ship customization, many aesthetic components can be purchased and modified such as liveries, bodywork components, contrails and stickers for your "racing car". A customization, in short, as in a real Need For Speed. As for the physical personalization of the commander, we are talking about purely aesthetic modifications of the avatar present inside the cockpit of the spaceship: it can be modified starting from the clothes, up to the type of eye or facial tattoos.

- Arx, consider that it will replace Frontier Points starting from 18 Settembre, they can not only be purchased, but also earned for free in-game, simply by completing missions!

Leaving you to the trailer on the cover of the article, we finally remind you that Elite Dangerous is available on platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One e PC.

Fly Safe, Commanders!

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