Euro Truck Simulator 2

Sorry but this review starts with an official protest. Yes of course, how nice the idea of ​​simulating the magical world of truckers. How nice to drive across Europe to carry the goods. All beautiful, there is no doubt, but a fundamental detail is missing: where are the characteristic calendars? Come on, the ones that all other workplaces, fixed or mobile, would like to have hanging on their walls.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

How which ones? Don't be vague, they are the ones with artistic photos that, in addition to entertaining you pleasantly, also teach you a lot of anatomy. Here, we do not know a truck driver who is not also a great connoisseur of female anatomy, and all thanks to the calendars above! Such contempt of human culture just cannot be tolerated by an accurate product like Euro Truck Simulator 2. Actually there are also no restaurants with trucks ... how, don't you know? Popular wisdom says (which in this case is so right) that if you are looking for a place to eat well, just look for one with parked trucks and you are on the safe side. Who better than these modern Ulysses can know which are the best restaurants in an area? In short, if you take away the best part of a job, you enjoy only half of it.

Hard work

Idiotic introductions aside, let's understand the nature of a particular title like Euro Truck Simulator 2. Let's say right away that it is aimed at a specific audience, namely simulation and truck enthusiasts. How many will there be in the world? It seems enough to have created a market, since we are talking about a second chapter, therefore a confirmation. The player's aim is to start a business related to road transport, starting as an employee of other companies and then becoming an entrepreneur himself by purchasing vehicles and warehouses. At the beginning you have to decide the starting city and the level of the simulation, i.e. what kind of approach you want to have with the game. For example, we started by activating some options that would simplify our life, just to gradually get into action, but we imagine that there are people ready to immediately select the maximum level of complexity of the simulation, which is also what allows you to enjoy the best. all facets of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Explaining the concept is not difficult: once you have taken any job you have to carry a load from point A to point B, unloading it in a warehouse to get the money for the compensation. A lot of conceptual simplicity, however, hides a considerable complexity in terms of gameplay. And this is where you have to try to understand if we are talking about a product that may interest you or not: in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you have to drive for long minutes, from one side of Europe to the other, always keeping your concentration high. The problems encountered are of various types: on the one hand, deliveries must be made within a certain period of time, on the other hand you have to deal with traffic and be respectful of the rules of the road. By violating too many rules, you end up paying repetitive fines and frustrating your work effort. In short, the red traffic lights were not put on for beauty, as well as the motorway toll booths that require you to stop, pay the toll and leave again. No rear-end collisions and no high-speed bends, otherwise you end up damaging the truck and it's painful to repair it.

Make maneuver

Another problem of no small importance concerns the maneuverability of the vehicles. Once in a warehouse, the game allows you to automatically perform the delivery by pressing a single button. In this way, however, experience points are lost, necessary to become masters so as to transport valuable goods and travel greater distances to earn more money, and above all, part of the simulation is lost.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The good truck driver maneuvers by looking only in the rear-view mirrors and scratching his cap ... pack of electronic cigarettes, but if you want you can help yourself by alternating the shots and choosing the one that gives a better view. We would never have said it, but learning to maneuver these beasts has its charm, just as it has its charm to make long crossings admiring the beautiful landscapes that cross along the road. Obviously, to move around you don't have to go randomly or read the signs, but you can rely on a comfortable GPS navigator that will always tell us the right direction. The risk of getting lost is minimal, but those looking for thrills can select the option to replace the default maps with those of Apple, so as to travel practically at random ... no, this option is unfortunately not available. Too bad, that would have been a great idea.

The kings of the road

Obviously the real focus of the game is them, the kings of the road: the trucks. Reconstructed with painstaking care, there are many models, all with their picture and their characteristics. Fans of these imperious vehicles will surely be pleased to 'zip around' the streets in search of the perfect delivery. From a technical point of view you will have understood that Euro Truck Simulator 2 does his duty. The aforementioned excellent three-dimensional models of trucks run on landscapes that are generally beautiful to see. Too bad that if you look at some details you notice several qualitative drops. For example, the models of the cars that make up the traffic are not that great, just as the cities would have deserved a few more details. However, we cannot complain too much, since it is not a title with an enormous budget like others. The worst part, however, is the soundtrack, with the truck radio spitting out really silly music.

Euro Truck Simulator 2


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 it's a great simulation and buying it gets you just that. If you are looking for a light pastime, forget it, because it is definitely not for you. In short, you must understand its nature well before choosing it. Above all you must have a minimum interest in the object of the simulation, otherwise you risk uninstalling it immediately. It is therefore worth reiterating that this is a niche title that, if it manages to get you passionate, can give you hours and hours of play to get to build your business. Too bad only for the calendars ...


  • Great simulation
  • Vast territory to go through
  • Well rebuilt vehicles
  • It is very slow in some stages
  • Technically it has ups and downs
  • Where are the calendars?

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  • Processore: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk space: 1 GB
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Requirements

  • Processore: Dual core CPU 3.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
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