Fable 3 - Some cute Easter Eggs from Albion

    Fable 3 - Some cute Easter Eggs from Albion

    Fable 3 - Some cute Easter Eggs from Albion Curiosities from the world of Fable 3

    Fable 3 - Some cute Easter Eggs from Albion

    Many of you will already know it, but for those who are not well aware of the meaning of Easter Egg we say that they are funny and bizarre little secrets hidden within video games. They almost always have nothing to do with the content of the game itself, but are placed there by the developers for fun or as a tribute to something particular (another game, a symbol, etc.)

    Today we offer you 4 that you can find in Fable 3

    East Hare Egg Hunt
    In Millfields, under the cemetery, there are some graves. The first three on the left read: Walter Coen, stabbed in broad daylight. Jeffrey Coen, burned at dawn. Theodore Coen, shot in the middle of the night. These are clues to finding the East Hare Egg. So, if you want to try to find it yourself using the clues do not read the paragraph below otherwise go ahead.

    Let's start by saying that we are looking for statues around Millfields. Look around in the tomb area and you will find the statue of Theodore Coen. Wait until midnight, then keep shooting the statue until it glows and you will hear the moans of a dying man. Now head to the gazebo in the middle of the lake and you will find the Jeffrey Coen statue. Wait until morning, equip the Fire Gauntlet and shoot until it glows and here too you will hear the moans of a dying man. Now proceed to the Millfields Demon Gate and you will see the statue of Walter Coen. Wait until noon, hit it with the sword several times until it glows and then hear the usual moan. After that, you will be asked to pull the right trigger. Press it to see the East Hare Egg appear on the gazebo. It does absolutely nothing, it was just to have fun in a little treasure hunt ....

    Lionhead Studios logo
    Swim in the sea in the Driftwood area. Once you reach the invisible boundary where it is no longer possible to go further, tilt the camera to look down into the water and you will see the Lionhead Studios logo at the bottom of the sea.

    Tribute to the Portal game
    During the Hideout mission in Bowerstone, a room with a silver key is encountered on the way to capture Nigel Ferret. At the back of the room there is a path around the boxes that leads to a different prison cell from the others. In the cell is a Hobbe who loves Portal's cube, and on the table next to the cell is a cake. The cake, of course, is a fake!

    Tribute to The Legend of Zelda game
    In the Mourningwood Cemetery there is a tombstone that says "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this", a quote from the original Zelda that refers to the moment when Link takes his sword. Dig in front of the tomb and you will receive a toy sword.

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