Far Cry 3 - All Secrets and Easter Eggs

Far Cry 3 - All Secrets and Easter Eggs


It also touches a Far Cry 3 go under our magnifying glass looking for nice ones secrets and easter eggs hidden by the developers in the game, and even in this case a little something is missed. Here they are for you, all the secrets and easter eggs of Far Cry 3.

I want to tan, but only my face
We have already covered this easter egg, also because it is linked to an Objective / Trophy in the game. Read the related article.

Reference to Bioshock
The special editions of Far Cry 3 with the "Lost Espeditions" package contain additional missions, among which we also find the mission "Ignition in the Deep". In this mission at a certain point you will have to press a button on the console of a PC, and at that point between the dialogues you will hear a "would you kindly?", Which for those who know the game can only be a clear reference to Bioshock. Video for you

Reference to Assassin's Creed
In the same mission mentioned for the previous Easter egg on Bioshock we also find one related to Assassin's Creed. In reality, the entire mission is a clear reference to the Ubisfot franchise. This in fact takes place in old laboratories dating back to the Second World War where, as explained by the background information that you can collect during the same mission, the Japanese under the guise of Templars conducted experiments on "genetic memories". Not only that, in your document folders you will also see an Abstergo symbol. Clearer than that ... video.

The toilet and the sea
This is an easter egg of those that should not be spoiled. Go to the point on the map indicated at the beginning of this video, or watch the video in full, I won't tell you anything. Buhahahahahahahahaa !!!!

Christmas is canceled
This is also beautiful. In the bunker, take a good look at what is written in small print on the "Warning" sticker of the tank / water heater.

"Attention !!! Christmas has been canceled. You seem to have told Santa you were good this year. He died with laughter."

Secret sequences
Eating the bar placed near the sign "Eat me" (eat me) found in the cave under the estate of Dr. Earnhardt unlocks the secret sequence that you can see in the video below. It also appears that returning to the cave later and eating more bars unlocks new sequences.

And this was the last one my dear. Remember to consult the Far Cry 3 cheats sheet for many other useful guides on this splendid game.

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