Gears of War Judgment - All Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Gears of War Judgment - All Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Gears of War Judgment - All Secrets and Easter Eggs


    New Gears of War, new compilation of nice ester eggs.

    Epic does not contradict itself, and even in Gears of War Judgment hides for the most attentive some very funny easter eggs. We have collected them for you in this guide dedicated to the secrets, glitches and easter eggs of Gears of War Judgment.

    Carmine's family insurance
    In the first section of Act 2 "Halvo Bay Military Academy" you will see a sign referring to a life insurance sponsored by the Carmine family. If you remember well, in the previous chapters the various Carmine brothers have tragically perished one after the other, a good life insurance falls right in the thick of it. Watch the video

    Latin music is on the booos to Marcus
    If you have a good memory you will remember that on more than one occasion in the previous Gears of War Marcus' bad tolerance towards Latin music has been revealed. In the "Aftermath" campaign, Section 6, you will find a radio playing this music, stop it with Baird, Cole will let you know that Marcus would have been proud of you. Video

    New breed of Locust: the heads of ..... bucket
    In section 5 of the Aftermath campaign, shooting 3 buckets scattered around the level will transform the Locusts into an army of smiling bucket-heads. Evidence evident in the video.

    The secret room in the multiplayer map "Library"
    In the multiplayer map "Library" there is a secret passage that can be unlocked by interacting with a particular book placed in one of the shelves located in the room to the right of the great Hall with the clock. Thanks to the secret passage you will have access to several windows in a raised position ideal for those who know how to do with precision weapons. Also remember that you are not the only ones who know this "secret".

    In onore del Col. Ezra P. Loomis
    In the Ripercussioni campaign you can also come across a plaque / monument in memory of Col. Loomis. The epitaph reads "Where others have fled, he has stayed". In the sense that it has really remained ... dry.


    Glitch XP facili
    Also for Judgment there is a "trick" to earn XP easy and without too much effort. Follow the Gears of War Judgment XP farming guide.

    Reaver salutes you
    Buahahahhaha, let's close with a bang. In the "Dead end" mission of the "Aftermath" campaign, go up the stairs until you reach the top of the facility. Grab the sniper rifle found on the metal balcony and aim for the large crane in front of it. On the tip of the crane you will notice a strange figure (will it be a bird ?, it doesn't matter SHOOT IT), if you hit it you will see a Reaver writing a greeting for you in the starry sky. Romantic isn't it? Watch the video

    These are the secrets and easter eggs discovered so far for this game. Don't forget to consult the Gears of War Judgment cheat sheet for all the other guides on the game, such as the guide to collectibles, the solution to unlock all the achievements, and more.

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