Halo 4 - All secrets and easter eggs

Halo 4 - All secrets and easter eggs


Now that of easter eggs it is a fashion, and indeed also Halo 4 it follows the trend by hiding between the various levels of the campaign some "kameo" that will make the most curious ones happy.

We collect them all in this guide, have fun!

  • How to find the Red vs Viola easter egg
  • Holograms and asses in the face [Easter egg]
  • How to see the double rainbow [Easter Egg]
  • How to see grunts dancing [Easter egg]

To these is also added a very nice easter egg that concerns two characters who, for obvious reasons, are not very well known in our country, but who are real celebrities in America. It is about Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter, or the two protagonists of a very famous talkshow in the USA. Towards the end of the game (mission 6, I won't tell you more), you will be able to meet two marines on guard near some crates. Their dialogues in the original language are dubbed by the two presenters. Here are a couple of videos on the subject: the first shows the sequence in the game, while the second shows the presenter talking about his participation in the game.

For the moment it's all about the secrets and easter eggs present in Halo 4. If you find out more, please report everything in our forum!

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