Has Elden Ring been canceled? Some would seem to argue that yes

    Has Elden Ring been canceled? Some would seem to argue that yes

    Daniel Ahmad just reported news of IBT on their profile Twitter which would be sensational. It would seem in fact, at least for the head, that Elden Ring, the next soulslike of From Software, has been officially canceled. The truth? The site that reported the news has truthfully given a nice curtain on the social that took place between Ahmad himself and Jason Schreier, who had joked about the real existence of the title following a survey launched by the analyst. Obviously, the analyst immediately denied this possibility.

    This is the same site that took my Xbox fridge tweet seriously too btw

    - Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) March 1, 2021

    Dopo un Ahmad's survey, which asked its users if Elden Ring existed or not, the latter voted for 80% giving a negative answer. At this point Schreier intervened, joking wrote that he received a phone call from Miyazaki himself, producer of the game, who would have canceled it. At this point IBT took this statement to be true, writing that the information of the title's cancellation was released directly by Miyazaki. Obviously, all this sparked the hilarity of the analyst as well as the Twitter users. On the contrary, it is news of a few days ago of the next release of the game From Software, of which we will have news this month. According to the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb, Elden Ring is ready to return to the spotlight already during the month of March. We are certainly not facing an absolutely accurate forecast as in the past Grubb himself has made many predictions wrong. However, the well-known journalist also has a portfolio of well-chosen rumors behind him, so the news could actually turn out to be true.

    My sources assure me that Elden Ring will be showing up again by the end of March. I have already said this several times. I don't have an exact date of when exactly the event will happen, but I have a few reasons to be confident in the upcoming announcement. There is certainly the possibility of seeing everything slipping during the month of April. In that case I'll apologize but I'm sure we won't have to wait much longer to see From Software's new game.

    So you have to be very careful when joking on Twitter someone could really believe our words.

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