Horizon Zero Dawn - Guide on how to start The Frozen Wilds DLC

Horizon Zero Dawn - Guide on how to start The Frozen Wilds DLC

In this guide dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn we want to explain how to start the DLC The Frozen Wilds. The game was one of the titles that most fascinated the owners of Playstation 4, and the history of the Guerrilla Games has been expanded thanks to the additional content it will lead Aloy beyond the Northern Mountains, in an extremely adverse land that hides a new threat and which in the starting game was not accessible. Our heroine will have to face a series of new missions that will lead her to fight against a new dangerous enemy.

The nomadic population Banuk, who lives in these frozen lands, has named this being as a Demon, and this will be the enemy who will accompany Aloy in a new narrative plot.

How to start the Horizon Zero Dawn the Frozen Wilds DLC? Here is the guide

In this add-on, in addition to the new stories, there are new cars, characters, weapons, skills and collectibles, but you can only access them if you have completed the mission A seeker at the gates, of the base game. Also, since the opponents will be stronger, it would be preferable to have reached at least experience level 30. Finally, as there are interesting additional dialogue options, it would be best to start this adventure only after meeting Sylens in the main mission The Plague of Faro, of the base game.

Later, on the game map you will see three blue exclamation points appear that will indicate three alternative ways to start The Frozen Wilds, which are:

  • Talk to Rhavid, a young noble that you will find north of Meridiana, to reveal a passage between the mountains that will lead you to the Sguarcio, the place where Rhavid should have participated in a hunting competition before it was learned of the new machines gone mad in the lands of the Banuk.
  • Talk to the merchant Othur in Torre Giorno. He is concerned about the Banuk who have blocked the trade routes that cross the mountain pass to the northeast, again due to the Runaway Machines.
  • Go north of the map and talk to Yariki near the Cairn. This woman has been chosen as commissioned by the Banuk to the Carja court, which will urge you not to continue beyond the Gash, given the serious danger that looms.

All three of these ways will still take you to the new region and from now on, the missions of the Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds expansion will begin.

That's all and for more information we refer you to our tab dedicated to the game.

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